February 25, 2010

Allow me to don my conspiracy theory hat for a bit

Hey, it's got flowers and I'm in a festive mood.

Infidelesto is questioning the recent change of heart by the Obama administration with regards to the Fort Hood attack. Apparently Janet Napolitano has decided to put on her big girl panties and call Nidal Hasan an Islamic terrorist, rather than toeing what has been the official line about the attack being the work of a lone crazy.

I don't think Napolitano is stepping away from the official line, I think the line has moved. Just last week, at the National Governors Association's Special Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety, Napolitano stated that domestic terrorism is as big a concern as international terrorism. She was followed shortly by John Brennan:

Countering violent extremism is not just a federal issue, Brennan told the governors; it's something that needs to be addressed as a nation.

The White House hosted a meeting to discuss these issues Friday, Brennan said.

"There needs to be community engagement," he said.

Let's take a moment to contemplate what "community engagement" means in this context...

Does "community engagement" mean approaching domestic Muslim leaders to promote a pro-America message?

Does "community engagement" mean pressuring mosques to stop allowing terrorists an unsupervised place to meet?

Or does "community engagement" mean the civilian national security force that Obama promised us in July 2008?

Am I conspiracy-mongering? Is the Obama administration so completely stupid that they really didn't recognize until this past week that all the Obama-infatuation in the world isn't preventing terror attacks on American soil? Or is the new attitude in the White House that the plan to increase domestic surveillance is better served by playing up the terror angle, rather than downplaying it as the administration has been doing for the past year?   I'm not sure which is worse, stupid or conniving.  How pathetic is it that I'm hoping that the administration is merely obtuse rather than actively planning to tell us, "We didn't want to have to bring in surveillance, we didn't want to have to create a civilian security force, but in light of all this domestic terrorism..."

To quote a wise dude: "I always pray the government is stupid instead of evil.  Stupid doesn't end up anywhere... evil does."

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Food is good.

I love it when other people support my long held beliefs. Such as that insane thing women do where they eat nothing on a dinner date to impress the guy is utterly stupid.

I can back this up from both sides of the equation.  I cannot tell you how many guy friends I've gone to dinner with who say something like "oh thank God you actually EAT" when I order a side of cow for dinner.  From the opposite side of it, I've actually told girls on dates that unless they're a vegetarian, ordering only a salad will not impress me. 

The guy in this article is right, do you really want to get involved with anyone who is such an asshole that s/he'll think less of you for eating actual food?  That's a huge warning sign right there. 

Here's the thing, your appetite for food will give me a hint as to your appetite for enjoying other things in life.  Also protip to women:  bones aren't sexy.*  Looking like a woman is.  So eat!  Enjoy!  And make him wonder if you're going to attack him with the same fervor with which you're decimating those ribs.

*I know, I know, I'm a bit of a hypocrite here since my taste in guys is for tall and skinny.  But all the tall and skinny guys I've known need to eat their body weight every day just to stay alive.  Yeah.  I'm not bitter about that.  This is me, sitting here being not bitter. 

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Forget about vision; get a clue.

Remember, once upon a time, in a far away land (also known as a month ago), when NASA was supposed to be getting man back on the moon?  Do you also remember that the Obama administration cut the funding and the projects that would, in fact, get us back to the moon and started to turn NASA into a global-warming - er, excuse me, climate change - monitoring agency? 

Apparently, this has a few of the fine congresscritters up on the hill a bit miffed.  With NASA.  Not the administration's budget, oh, no, but with NASA.  Yep.

NASA needs to go somewhere specific, not just talk about it, skeptical U.S. senators told the space agency chief Wednesday.

 President Barack Obama's proposed budget kills the previous administration's return-to-the-moon mission, sometimes nicknamed "Apollo on steroids." That leaves the space agency adrift without a goal or destination, senators and outside experts said at a Senate Commerce science and space subcommittee hearing, the first since Obama unveiled his new space plan this month.

 On top of that the nation's space shuttle fleet is only months away from long-planned retirement, an issue for senators from Florida, where NASA is a major employer. And while the new NASA plan includes extra money — $6 billion over five years — for private spaceships and developing new rocket technology, NASA shouldn't be just about spending, the senators said. It should be about John F. Kennedy-like vision.

Um, Earth to dumbasses:


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Deep Thoughts

You know, if there really are infinite alternate universes, there must be one in which Sarah Palin and John "Torture Memos" Yoo have had a child together.

What's your reaction to that, Alternate Andi?

In the real world, Sully had back-to-back posts today asking (per the actress whom Seth MacFarlane, um, arguably used as a prop to attack Palin on Family Guy) "How many mothers who had a child with a significant disability would drag him around 'like a loaf of bread' on a book tour as a prop?" and asserting that Yoo is "a war criminal who deliberately distorted the plain and unambiguous meaning of the law to enable war crimes."

But, hey, at least the former can be interpreted as St. Andrew of the Blessed Heart-Ache kind of acknowledging that Sarah Palin is actually Trig's mother, so maybe he's back on his meds.

Conversely, you can look at that statement and interpret his conclusion as "Well, she must not be his mother if she would do that, right? Riiiiight? Still, just asking questions here."

Since he's had to resort to being coy about the whole thing, I'll leave it up to you to decide.

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Words to live by


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February 24, 2010

The Ironing Is Delicious

Alan Grayson, all around shitheel who made a ton of money suing military contractors, had his lame ass rescued from Niger during the coup by military contractors.

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For some odd reason this seems apropos

Also this

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Tampa man arrested for wearing clown mask, wig.

The short article says that's all he was doing, walking down the street in clown wear.
I take back half the stuff I've said about Florida.
Yeah, (lowers head, kicks ground), Drudge link.

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Nannarchy in the UK

So. Your wee spawn has a birthday and gets some birthday cash. Being a good dad, you take your kid to the mall to let him spend his cash. Boyo is on one of the little rides and, like a proud parent, you whip out your phone to take a picture.

At which point, a security guard comes over and tells you that you can't do that and implies you're a pedophile. You leave in a huff only to be confronted by the cops who tell you to delete the picture and threaten to arrest you for disturbing the peace.  Oh and btw the security guards reported you as a suspicious pedo.

Not to get us on another watch list, here's the shocking photo:

(Loser boy on the left is the guard) (Also that train is clown scary)

This is where we're at, ladies and gents.  Take a picture of your own kid doing the most innocent thing possible and OMG PEDO.  I'd say this is just Fail Brittania but I recall hearing mention of similar accusations being made here in the States.  Of course, here in the States the security guard would probably have been popped one as serves him right.

I've said it before but it bears repeating:  I will no longer have any interaction with a child in public and I will not be alone with a child at any point in time.  If I were still a good church going girl, I would not teach Sunday School.  I would not babysit during the services.  I would not play with the kids at the church picnic.  There's far far far too much risk with no reward. 

The presumption that every adult, especially every male adult, is a budding pedophile is utterly chilling. 

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Studs and Duds at #CPAC10


The biggest stud of CPAC-2010 was Marco Rubio, the first major speaker of the conference. He delivered an impassioned call for preserving American freedom from the creeping statism that would make us look like the countries people leave rather than the ones to which they flock.  He also got his digs in against the Republican establishment, saying endorsements aren’t enough to avoid a primary challenge, and one-liners aren’t enough to avoid substantive policy discussions.  Rubio and his introducer, Jim DeMint, repeatedly raised the specter of another, well, Arlen Specter.  Most of all, Rubio was a stud because of the energy he brought to the room.  Anybody there who didn’t have an emotional response to Rubio either wasn’t paying attention or had press credentials (-but I repeat myself).

Andrew Breitbart was another major stud at CPAC.  The guy is intellectually savvy and media savvy.  He called out the dinosaur media for failing to recognize the viscerally undeniable evil captured in the ACORN undercover videos.  He captures an audience’s attention like few others.  Breitbart will be a force to watch in conservative activism and punditry for some time to come.

(More Studs & Duds under the fold...)


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Uncle Tom, get back on the plantation!

I saw this at Althouse's and was going to ignore it.
It's about "black folks we'd like to remove from Black History".
Including such luminaries as Idi Amin, Mugabe, Flava Flav, Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas.

Yawn, "authentic" black folk hate Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele, film at.... ohhh.. all the time.
But then I decided to check the comments to see the hilarity.
So one commenter said this
This all comes down to affirmative action. Clarence Thomas is a brilliant man who grew up poor but managed to gratuate near the top of his class at Yale law completely on his own merits, hard work and intellect. Then imagine the reality faced when faced with the fact that everyone sees your degree as only a product of a goverment program to benefit a minority person who is incabable of achieving that on their own

I agreed, but then I'm not black..
The rebuttal? The reason why he was included?
It's not his conservative views that earned him a place on this list. It is his self-hatred, his vehement support to end policies that helped him get to where he is today, that earned him a place.

AA in other words. Proving the previous commenters assertion.
Yep, his politics make him a bad role model for blacks.
I'm surprised Condi Rice wasn't included. After all, she helped that arch-racist Bush lie his way into a war.
Doesn't that count for anything?

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Answer me this

In what freaking universe is Emma Stone


hotter than

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4045/4384571691_7dcd07b3d8_m.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4022/4385333126_1695b143c1_m.jpg
Demise Milani Angelina Jolie

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4052/4384571831_7d19a444d5_m.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4070/4384571789_e37533f7ce_m.jpg
Anne Hathaway or Christina Hendricks

I hereby revoke their hotness rating credentials.

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Are we going to have to start a new category for WTF is Wrong With Philly?

"We only fingerprinted his left hand," he said.

Rant from the blogfather in 5...4...3...

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Role Reversal

The Weasel Zippers found this story about DC police enforcing segregated praying at a mosque.
The learned Imam says women have to be segregated or else he won't be able to focus on prayer.
Hmmmm, so you love your god less than your wang? Sounds like a personal problem to me.
But the point....
Remember when leftists accused conservatives of wanting to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen?
Yeah I know, that was as long ago as "this morning", but let's see if it's evil, womyn-hating conservatives or tolerant, equal-rights-loving lefties who protest this.

Via the Jawas, only because they're before Weasel Zippers on my intertubing.

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I'd say this was a bad acid trip, but I don't do acid.

This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen on the internet. That *I'VE* ever seen on the internet. Think about that.

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Jimmy Carter: "Stop comparing my foreign policy to Obama's weak shit"

Just how bad does your foreign policy have to be when Jimmy Carter thinks it's weak? (warning HuffPo link).

The thesis was beyond speculative. Even by Mead's own admission, Obama's foreign policy is in its nascent stages. Right now, he writes, it "looks a little bit like that of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger." Mead even suggests that the president is trying to pursue a "Jeffersonian" worldview -- in which the U.S. is militarily formidable but unexposed to regional crises. Either way, the Carter comparison was clearly meant as an insult. After all, the piece was titled "The Carter Syndrome."

It would seem natural for Obama and his allies to find the piece somewhat insulting -- but the one raising the most stink so far is Carter himself.

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February 23, 2010

An Update To An Earlier Poat

Last week, I mentioned how St. Louis jackass reporter Charles Jaco fucked with a Conservative Activist. Well, it looks as though things are going to get a bit more interesting for him.

Yeah, you fucked with the wrong guy, asshole.

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Commie troofer idiot is "an American treasure"

The president of the NAACP hearts Van Jones, who he says "may be the most misunderstood man in America." He's giving Jones the NAACP's President's Award at the 41st Image Awards on Friday.

Far from the divisive caricature painted by some cable news outlets [Some? I don't seem to remember any net but Fox News mentioning teh crazee that is Van Jones, but I guess you'd rather not mention them by name, especially since you're writing this for Completelyignored News Network--ed], Van has been one of America's most effective and inspiring bridge-builders. He has successfully brought together labor leaders, business executives, civil rights champions, students and environmentalists to find creative solutions to the ecological and economic crises. His efforts earned him designation as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2004.
Not mentioned anywhere in the article is Jones's trooferism. What a shock.

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Moronosphere PSA

The Shamrock Shake is back!  Why yes, I do have one right now...you're jealous, aren't you?  It's okay to admit it.

Update:  Okay, the shake was a typically awesome Shamrock Shake...but I just had to know...and the answer is, yes there is,

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