February 25, 2009



Saw this scrolling on the ticker at Mark Levin's site, the latest Brady Campaign-submitted story from ABC, which notes that yes, some 11 year old psycho decided to shoot his father's girlfriend with his youth model shotgun here in PA. 

Yes, ABC, they do build youth model firearms, because believe it or not, a lot of states allow youths to hunt beginning ages 12-14, and there are many farmers and farm kids out there who put food on your table, who need to know how to use firearms for pest control and protection from wild animals (and unlike you metropolitan retards who think buying a fucking chimpanzee is a cute idea until it rips your face off, rural folks don't get to choose what dangerous animal walks, flies or slithers out of the woods into their fields).

So that there is a market for youth shotguns should be no surprise, the only surprise should be that this kid's father is retarded enough to not have the kid's gun in a proper safe when they aren't at the range or field.  And I don't really understand why you'd have a problem with that, after all, you leftists are supposed to be *wink nudge* supporting and supportive of hunters and sportsmen, or did you forget?

Youth firearms are also very popular for women, but the Brady vermin don't want you to know that, either.  With shotguns, fit is very important, and fit is basically how handily a shotgun shoulders and aligns with your sight.  Most shotgun sports mimic scenarios in bird hunting, where one must quickly shoulder their shotgun and fire a shot at a moving target, so it needs to get to the right spot easily. 

Most mass production shotguns up until recently were designed for the average Western European man (white dudes), they aren't built for smaller men or women, which means they'd have to spend more to have a stock cut and modified, or if you've got some serious scratch, a full custom shotgun, which is prohibitively expensive for most people, in order to get a suitable fit.

Youth model firearms are built with people with smaller builds than your average white male in mind, and in fact, a lot of youth models are called bantam models because of this.  Most people who get into the shooting sports aren't ready to drop serious dime into it, can't afford to because they're younger, or just need a basic cheap shotgun to test out and see what they like, and the number of women getting into the shooting sports is rising significantly, so gun manufacturers have worked to meet market demand.

Women make up the bulk of anti-2nd sentiment, and if pro-2nd forces start to make inroads with women, the Brady Campaign become irrelevant. 

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I would pay cash money to see this.

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Jim Bunning: Dumbass

Bunning and Specter are at the top of the list of GOP Senators that need to be defeated in primary, Specter for being a Democrat, Bunning for being criminally stupid.

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My Grandpa never told me this story

Check out this documentary about World War II...

That's pretty much how the war ended, though there may not have been quite that many karate robots.

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Fuck You, MSNBC!

No. Seriously. FUCK YOU!

Look, Jindal may or may not be right, but at least extend him some decency and courtesy.

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February 24, 2009

Since I made the reference

I'm guessing everyone has seen these commercials already, but just in case, "Oh, Snap!" gif I used in the last post comes from these,

Annihilating crappy ricers, especially the ones with the obnoxious, crappy loud sounding mufflers would be endlessly enjoyable.

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Commercial FAILure

A little while back we had a post highlighting the Memphis Commercial Appeal's decision to publish the entire Tennessee concealed carry permit holder list online.  Several papers in several states have done this in order to try and cause trouble for carry permit holders, or make a statement, mostly because they're a bunch of anti-2nd douches.  In any case, looks like the Tennessee legislature is not only looking to bar access to carry permit information, but considering making it a crime to publish carry permit information publicly



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Two windows for sale

Two people have come forward claiming to own the window, removed from the Texas School Book Depository, that Lee Harvey Oswald used as a sniper's perch on November 22, 1963.  Both men's fathers owned the building at separate times, and both men claim their fathers removed the window from the building; each claims the other's father removed the wrong window.  Both windows appeared at the same time on Ebay two years ago, and a state district court is preparing to decide which window owner has the legitimate claim.

Wouldn't it be an absolute hoot if the court decided Lee Harvey Oswald didn't do it?

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Hey, Jennifer...

...you got tomorrow's lottery numbers? Help a brutha out.

(Via the Moron in Chief.)

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Why you should watch Obama's speech

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is reporting that one of the Messiah's teleprompters is broken.  We all know how brilliant The One is when his teleprompters screw up.

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"Americans Can Do Anything"

That's the title of Gov. Bobby Jindal's response to the President's speech before Congress tonight.  In many ways, Obama is the Bizarro Reagan.  Sure, he can give a good speech, but he uses his rhetorical skill for fear and pessimism, rather than Reagan's hope and optimism. 

Ben Smith has excerpts, among them:

“As I grew up, my mom and dad taught me the values that attracted them to this country - and they instilled in me an immigrant’s wonder at the greatness of America. As a child, I remember going to the grocery store with my dad. Growing up in India, he had seen extreme poverty. And as we walked through the aisles, looking at the endless variety on the shelves, he would tell me: ‘Bobby, Americans can do anything.’ I still believe that to this day."

Yes, sir.  Can I has some moar, pleeez?

I still think it's unlikely that Jindal will run in 2012 unless he chooses not to run for re-election in Louisiana in 2011.  But, good Lord, do we need him.  I'll definitely be watching his response tonight, albeit on YouTube or C-SPAN.  (Let's hear it for working nights!)

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This is why the MSM got a thrill up their collective leg

Instead of giving grant money to retrain blue-collar workers who have been teched out of their jobs, the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership will be contributing to a fund to retrain journalists to figure out how to write for the Intarwebs.

I have a better solution - fire all the print journalists and hire a bunch of bloggers.  No retraining to deal with technology required, but we might have to be mesmerized into Obamazombiedom.

(h/t Repurblican)

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Share your life!

So, I've been MIA for a while.  (Yeah, I'm totally sure you noticed.)  In short, my preggers roommate has been put on bedrest, which means I may be getting thrown out of my temporary, pre-DC housing a bit earlier than expected, which has made my non-blogging life completely hectic. 

If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have none at all. 

Also, if anyone knows anyone at the Charles G. Koch Foundation, please let me know.  I may or may not be applying for their associate program. 

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Finally! A futile and stupid legislative gesture I can support.

The Illinois Senate is considering voting to recognize Pluto as a planet.

It is hereby the Official Position of This Blog (by which I mean me but, really, isn't that what matters?) that Pluto is a planet.  See re bite me argumentation supra. 

Also if you click to that link there's an ad for donuts.   mmmmmmmm donuts. 

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Blind faith she argues. Bite me, says I.

Okay I've now reached my limit of responding to various things with a lack of profanity. Seriously, I was breaking out in hives. This right here pushed me over the line. From this article regarding the rising backlash against Obama's housing plan:

Like Braley, Alyssa Katz, author of “Our Lot: How Real Estate Came to Own Us,” a book due out in June about the making of the mortgage crisis, says she does not believe the message has come through clearly enough yet — and that the administration needs to do more to make sure it does.

“Ultimately, yes, it’s about homeowners, but it’s about the stability of the financial markets,” she says. “We have to give up this illusion that it’s about you and me. We have to accept, sort of blindly, the notion that we have to do this for the sake of the nation. Whether you’re lucky and get aid or you already lost your home and you’re screwed, we’re all in this together.”

Ms. Katz, with all due respect, you can bite me. I do not have to accept jack shit with blind faith. If you want to make the argument that this is the least bad option to deal with the current situation, by all means do so. But do not fucking tell me that I have to accept one fucking thing that my elected leaders do on blind faith. Fuck. That. Sideways. With. A. Chainsaw. 

Seriously, this attitude right there, that we plebes must listen to our betters, is precisely what makes me want to go back to proclaiming myself an anarchist.  No, I will not Believe in Hope and Change.  No.  Persuade me.  Explain to me.  Hell, I'm willing to accept that this situation totally fucking sucks and, yeah, there will be things that are done that may result in moral hazards but the alternative is worse.  I am not, by any means, convinced of that at this point. 

But to fucking tell me that I have to put aside the concept of individual rights and responsibilities and just blindly accept The Plan is so utterly arrogantly idiotic that the only response left is profanity. 

Ms. Katz, you have a book coming out.  I'm certain that in the book you make your argument with facts and in an intellectually consistent manner.  Or at least I'm willing to give you the benefit of that doubt on that.  But I will not fucking believe what you say on blind faith.  The only person in whom I believe with blind faith is God.  Obama?  Not God.  Ms. Katz?  Not God.  Everyone else?  Not God.  All y'all have to explain. 

I will repeat, this is the root of the anger.  Questioning why a responsible person must pay for someone else's irresponsibility is a completely fair and legitimate part of discourse.  To be told, effectively, sit down shut up and know your place is magnificently insulting. 

That's the backlash.  That's the anger.  Our elected class and much of the punditry needs to be slapped down, hard, and reminded that they fucking work for us. 

Accept on blind faith my huge lily white ass. 

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Where The Price Is Right Is Similar To The Stock Market

Yeah, I know it's up today, but why is it I am thinking this video depicts, in reverse, what is going on with the Dow Jones since the Reign of the Magic Unicorns began?

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I would have resisted arrest too

...if I was being picked up on an Army desertion warrant and was wearing thong underwear.  I should restate that.  If I was a dude being picked up on an Army desertion warrant and was wearing women's thong underwear.

(via DenverChannel)

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You know what, fuck you

A certain blogger who's got a gig at a Gay Conspiracy and Rumor mag has something important to say, though I can't (even if I wanted to, and I don't) link to what he writes:

More birth-certificate weirdness. I'm convinced by this evidence. But I see absolutely no reason why Obama himself should not release the actual original document and provide it to the press. The president of the United States, like anyone else in public life, has no "right to privacy" in a matter like this, and there's absolutely no good reason why he should refuse to give the press every conceivable piece of evidence at his disposal to clear up even paranoid conspiracy theories about his birth and eligibility to be president.

I mean: who does he think he is? Sarah Palin?

You're a Goddamned conspiracy theorist who's trafficked in the vilest of rumors. Who the fuck do you think you are to point out that people are off their nut for thinking anything about any Goddamned thing? YOU are a fucking crazy person, and I hope you end up in the Goddamned booby hatch.

Oh, and is there any reason why Barack hasn't released his full medical records yet? I'm fairly certain he's a natural born citizen, but we haven't seen much about his health. How about that, Andi?

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I don't know why I never checked on this during the campaign, but I had a thought last night, and, damnit, one of my favorite Sam Cooke songs was hijacked by the O-bots.  In hindsight, it was pretty obvious that they'd do so...

Aside from the fact that I can't listen to the song anymore without thinking of Change, more Change, Hopenchange, and Changeyoucanbelievein, I'm sure the members of our Armed Forces who are depicted in that video (and I only selected that one because it featured the original song and not some Obamaton's tribute version) are thrilled to be depicted as victims of Bu$hitler and Darth Cheney in a propaganda video.

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February 23, 2009

The pot calling the kettle obsessive

TigerHawk gives a certain shrieking, hysterical doucheblogger a smackdown regarding obsessive, incessant campaigns.  Heh.


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