September 29, 2008

Publisher's home torched

Gibson Square is going to publish The Jewel of Medina, a book about Mohammed.  You may remember that another company was to publish the book, but caved after Muslims objected to it.  Well, they're still pissed about this book and decided to torch the Gibson Square chief executive's house

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Interview with David Freddoso

Interview with Hawkins, he also talks about the Obama campaign's effort to shut down his interview by bombarding the phone lines of a radio station.  If you're looking for a book about Obama, ignore that truther crank Corsi, go with Freddoso.

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On letting Sarah be Sarah

I agree that McCain should let her be authentically her.  Hold a press conference and say something like "Gov. Palin and I don't agree on everything.  Like a large family, not everyone in the Republican Party agrees on every policy.  Etc., etc."

Why am I just now posting this?  Because when Mitt Romney gets out in front of you on something, you know you've lingered too long:

"Holding Sarah Palin to just three interviews and microscopically focusing on each interview I think has been a mistake," Romney said. "I think they'd be a lot wiser to let Sarah Palin be Sarah Palin. Let her talk to the media, let her talk to people."
Well, at least now we know why the NRO is behind the idea.

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Moron of the Day: Drunk Dodging

Seems that drunk drivers in Idaho protect their own:

The car of a Caldwell police officer, who had made a traffic stop of a possible drunk driver, was struck by a second drunk driver on Saturday.

The officer had pulled over a car driven by Valerie Hughes, 55, at Lake and Homedale roads, when a second car, driven by Mollie Rose Montana, 19, hit the officer's car. Montana drove away with a second officer in pursuit. Rose initially failed to yield to the officer, but eventually stopped at Highway 55 and S. Indiana, where she was arrested. Officers charged her with DUI, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and felony eluding.

I thought only Wisconsin had this concentration of drunks on the roads. 

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Dear America: Everything You Learned in Kindergarten Is Wrong

What follows in the extended entry is a long, meandering, barely coherent rant.  Due to its level of quality and length, it should not be read by anyone. 

I quote Billy Madision, "Nowhere in your rambling, incoherent response did you even approach what could be considered a correct answer.  The audience is dumber for having heard it.  I award you no points and my God have mercy on your soul."


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If I'm lucky, the bartender might spot me a drink

Who says nothing good ever comes from hanging out at a bar, drinking beer?

Not many people walk into a bar and walk out with a new leg.

But that’s what happened to David Huckvale, 42, who needed a £40,000 bionic leg to walk again.

The father-of-two popped down to his local pub on the same day surgeon Alistair Gibson, who specialises in fitting the computer-controlled limb, was there for a pint.

When the two happened to meet Mr Gibson mentioned he had a spare leg and could fit Mr Huckvale for free.

Mr Huckvale had his leg amputated when he was 29 after a benign tumour was removed.

Before the chance encounter, he had been limping around in a false leg, which didn’t fit properly and walked with the help of crutches and was sometimes in a wheelchair.

The guy had been saving for the new leg, but only had a fraction of the the money he needed, and was buying lottery tickets every week, hoping to win enough to buy it.

I think it's cool that this guy got a free £40,000 bionic leg out of a trip to the local watering hole, but how come nothing that cool ever happens to me when I go out drinking? Oh, right. Because I still have both of the legs I was born with.

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September 28, 2008

What Ron Paul has been up to lately?

Surprisingly, there's not a "No Jews Allowed" sign on the door.

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We Need Something To Lift Our Spirits.

And I think I know what it is.

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls!

After assembling all the bacon cinnamon rolls I popped them in the pre-heated oven at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes. I then pulled the rolls out of the oven and drizzled the icing upon them as directed.

Right from the first bite I knew we had a winner. The Smasteâ„¢ rating alone was a jaw-dropping 51.93. The entire house was filled with sugary, cinnamony, bacony aroma. The taste was both sweet and salty, a perfect combination for a morning pick-me-up meal. Highly recommended for any bacon lover!

Truly Awesome!

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I just bought the two coolest things ever

In keeping with alexthechick's goal of turning this into a clothingblog, I must share two new purchases.  The first is courtesy of Ronald Reagan:

The second, I think, epitomizes one aspect of the Ace of Spades Lifestyle....hiding from the outside world:

Hey, if a kid wants to make it in DC, he's got to step up his game. 

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Some Local Flavor To The Missouri Obama Truth Squad Story

One thing that may or may not have been mentioned during the mess involving the Obama "Truth Squad" in St. Louis is the role of the St. Louis media, and how it is handling this story.

Yes, KMOV Channel 4 TV ran with the story, and it has been covered via the online version of the St. Louis Post-Dispach, but so far, the 50,000 watt blowtorch radio station in St. Louis, KMOX, has been eerily silent about this story in contrast to their wall to wall coverage of stories that are against Republicans (such as attacking Governor Blunt on an almost daily basis). And that station, and its local shows, has an oversized impact on local (and by proxy, much of Missouri) politics. And what's worse is that the station, except for the three hours Limbaugh is on the air, is very liberal. And in 2006, they all but became campaign HQ for Claire McCaskill in her bid to take Jim Talent's Senate Seat with their spiking of any and all gaffes McCaskill made, so their bias and agenda is nothing new.

Why not use a few KOS-like tactics on them and suggest that they cover a story?

Here is the website.

Here are a few of the shows:
Total Information AM:
Charles Brennan: 9-11AM:
Mark Reardon: After Limbaugh until 6PM:
Carol Daniel: Big Time Obama Supporter:
Fred Bodimer: One of the big producers there:

The general switchboard number: 314-621-2345.

It's about time we start flooding the Obama camp's enablers in the media, especially influential ones, with our opinions. Keep it clean and free of naughtiness, but these fools need to be reminded that media outlets cannot get away with spiking or spinning news if it helps their side.

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Sorry for the light posting

Sports.  Go Bears.  Go Cubs.

Umm... Rant coming tomorrow.  I had a text-editor malfunction. 

Go Bears (who cannot hope to win).

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I interrupt this idiotic election season to bring you this breaking news

So.  Either we're going to get screwed by the bail out plan or the zombie apocalypse is going to come on Monday when the markets melt down.  And Truth Squads are going to come for us all.  Plus there's still over a month of this never ending election season to go.  Not to mention that Maureen Dowd is still getting paid to blather about whatever it is she blathers about.

But at the moment, I am one with the universe and all that crap.  The Browns won.  The Browns won!  Excuse me while I chortle with joy. 

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Rezko to talk?

Ten bucks says we find out that Sarah Palin was the real mastermind behind all those shady land deals.

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This video can't be posted enough or seen enough

I don't understand why McCain hasn't used this in a commercial yet. 

Oh wait.  I do know why he hasn't used it.  That would require competence.

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Sleeping on a lawn chair

Not really a good idea.  I'm just saying is all.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

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No ACORN handouts in the bailout bill?

That's the word on the street.  We're all still screwed, of course, but that numbs the pain a little bit. 

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September 27, 2008

Something Tells Me This Dude Is Not Happy With The State Of Affairs In His Country

And he thinks he has an idea of who should be running the show.

And that begs a question. Do we want a man with neoprene hair running the country? Or would we be better off in these difficult times sticking with the man on his right. Someone who seems to be in genuine pain whenever he’s told to smile. All week, the Labour Party conference has been full to overflowing with commentators trying to get an inside track on who’s doing what to whom and where and what the implications might be. And you know something? It doesn’t make a ha’porth of difference. Honest to God, you could put a horse in Downing Street and your life would either be exactly the same . . . or possibly a little bit better.
Ok, so what's your solution?
So, how’s this for a plan? Instead of being asked to vote on who runs the country, we should ask instead how we want it running. Instead of 650 ruddy-faced old crones bouncing up and down on their secretaries and their sense of self-importance, why don’t we all just take it in turns to pop in once a week to respond to things that have cropped up. That way, we’d have someone from a carpet shop in Huddersfield one week and then a trainee vet from Bude the next. Would they do a worse job than the 650? I doubt it. And because they’d only last a week, they wouldn’t be able to do much damage. Or get the impression that what they thought might actually matter. That said, when it was my turn, there’d be a bit of a hiccup. Because you’d wake up on Tuesday to find the M4 bus lane had gone, all the nation’s speed cameras in the bin and a letter saying I’d gone to the pub to turn all the money I would have put in a pension scheme into urine, via beer.
Well played, sir. Well played.

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I told you, all shoes all the time

First, I would like to thank The Academy doubleplusundead for graciously extending the invite to post here.  I promise not to abuse this power.  Much.

Second, I did warn you about the shoes.  Technically boots in this case, but whatevs.


I want those like burning.  Some of us consider Cruella De Vil a role model, you know.

Third, it's so nice to know that now I'm not just known as that bi chick who is terrified of spiders and clowns but I'm now known as that bi chick who is terrified of spiders and clowns and does anal.  My mother would be so proud.  

Patience and lube, people.  Patience and lube.  Diamonds are also useful, just sayin'. 

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If The Tree Huggers Weren't So Foolish, They Might Be Dangerous

Shit Almighty! These folks have crossed the Rubicon of retarded, and gone straight into the realm of weapons grade stupid.

Thanks to DUmmie FUnnies

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UPDATE: Take That, You Nanny-State, Douche Nozzles!

Now this is real art and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. EPIC WIN!

Thanks to Alice H.

***Update: Alice welcomes Alex with some bacony goodness.


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