April 24, 2008

another round of name! that! party!

Our Democrat this time is the now former Ohio State Representative Matthew Barrett...hmm, something about Barretts and politics don't seem to mix well.  Anyway, he was supposed to do a barrel roll presentation on civics for a group of high school students.  Well, he must paid a visit to Steamboat McGoo's and forgot to clear his thumb drive of his daily smut dose, because when he put in the drive, a naked lady appeared on the projector.  One of the school tech guys noticed that the drive had a good bit more where that came from.

Not once do they say what party Barrett is, they say the Democrat leader calls for him to resign, but not once do they mention his affiliation.  You have to check the previous article to find out he's a Democrat...or if you're like me, notice they don't mention his affiliation in the current article.

Ohio House Democratic Leader Joyce Beatty called for the resignation of State Rep. Matthew Barrett after a racy photo incident.

Check the pic of this guy,


I dunno why, but it make me think of,

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