June 04, 2008

Another edict from the new standard-bearer of conservatism...

Last time I spoke of Rep. Tom Davis, he was giving Republicans advice on how to win more elections: by supporting federal buyouts for people in mortgage trouble, supporting the Democrat line on SCHIP, and other various "moderate" positions.  He's popped up again, and this time he's got some names Sen. John McCain should consider for vice president.  Among them?  Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico.* 

Yes, the same Heather Wilson who has an ACU rating of 60.  The same Heather Wilson who voted for SCHIP, increasing the minimum wage, and against legislation to secure the border.  The same Heater Wilson who just lost a Senate primary to Rep. Steve Pearce.  That Heather Wilson.

This man is a genius.  Remember those rumors that Davis would be replacing Rep. Tom Cole as head of the NRCC?  Now more than ever

Exit quotation: "Davis was leery of choosing someone just for the sake of pleasing the conservative base. He would prefer a #2 who could help McCain steal vulnerable bits of Obama’s constituency."

*To be fair, Davis did mention conservative (but not-ready-for-prime-time) Gov. Bobby Jindal and squishy moderate Gov. Charlie Crist as well. 

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