December 30, 2007

An Old Favorite

Some dumbass stoner called the police to report his weed stash and PS2 got taken by gunpoint.  Poor bastard got smacked with the pistol the thief was carrying. 

I love when people complain to police that their illegal drugs were stolen or someone didn't give them their drugs (or sex) they paid for for.  What's even more amazing is how often it happens, I see headlines like this all the time, its bread and butter for wacky news stories.

Sorta related:  Two guys go to the police station because one was trying to claim money he had confiscated from him during a drug bust a few months back, they go to the station in a stolen car with a pistol on the dash and a about a half pound of some seriously skunky weed.  Cops could smell it the second the doors were opened, and they were immediately arrested.

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