June 30, 2009

An excellent topic worthy of our discussion

In the comments below, Veeshir raised an excellent question which I do believe deserves a separate post to answer.

OT, but I've been needing to ask alexthechick a question.

First, I would like to say that Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith are almost exactly the same. Except Megan, of course, has bigger balls.

They're both advocacy journalists (Shep is obviously trying to be Geraldo, Jr while Megan is more like Glenn Beck), which one is better looking?

A truly excellent question indeed. Let us examine the evidence.  First, Shep:

Great eyes, looks fab in a suit, has that "I'm a naughty boy" grin.  Alllllll good.  And then he opens his mouth, proves he's an utter loon and makes me want to smack him in the face with my 3 wood.  -10,000 attractiveness points.

Then there Megyn:

Intelligent, articulate, excellent sense of humor, nice personal style . . . . Yeah, yeah, like any of y'all are reading the words at the moment.

She's stunning and smart and makes idiots near to cry while interviewing them.  +10,000 attractiveness points.

The winner, in a landslide, Megyn.

Now, if you want me to choose between Megyn and Brit Hume, well, that's a different story.  Oh Brit.  Oh your snark.  Oh your archness.  Oh how you made Juan Williams look like an idiot.  I LOVE YOU BRIT PLEASE COME BACK!  Ahem.  What was the question? 


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