February 14, 2010

Am I the only one who thinks this is over the top?

Anybody remember Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.?  In case you don't, he's the black professor who got arrested after a concerned neighbor thought someone might be breaking in to his home.  Obama said the white cop who arrested him "acted stupidly".  Then, in his capacity as Teh Won, he invited the cop and the professor out for a beer.  Because white cops are bought off with beer, apparently.  We know that sophisticated Harvard professors are probably above that shit.

Anyway, in what may or may not be the greatest act of hubris so far this year, Professor Gates just donated the handcuffs used to arrest him to the Smithsonian Museum of Black History.

'Twas an historical moment.  Unprecedented, even.  After all, the President of the United States saw fit to get involved with a relatively minor local issue, criticize an individual citizen who was just doing his job, and turn the whole thing into a PR stunt.  One to be remembered forever.

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