June 06, 2008

afghans stealing equipment from our military bases

Is there some reason why this is happening?  I mean, this isn't even a new problem apparently, and that it isn't as big an issue as it once was.  One of the biggest problems is the local Afghans have been getting their hands on thumb drives with sensitive information.   You can go to the shops outside of bases in Afghanistan and easily pick up uniforms and other US military gear. 

Usually, the culprits are Afghans who are permitted to work at US bases in Afghanistan, they're also stealing shipping containers, which sometimes carry weapons and sensitive materials.  The coalition is trying to support local businesses and entrepreneurs in Afghanistan, but it clearly is coming at a high cost.  Among the things they've stolen, thumb drives with information on servicemen and deployment, including social security numbers and other personal information, schematics and informations about weapons systems there, and information on experimental vehicles have all been recovered in Afghan shops. 

The military has got to get this under control, either get the Afghan contractors under control, bring in trustworthy contractors, or do everything yourselves. 

Geoff brings up a good point, looks like we're gonna see heads roll at the upper levels of the Air Force for their security failures, are there gonna be more for this?

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