June 15, 2009

A Tribute To Not Backing Down

As we all know by now, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will not exit the political stage just yet, and that has her detractors up in arms and flinging yet more shit her way. But why?

I dunno for certain, but I have one idea, and the recent Letterman dustup and the back and forth afterward convinced me of one idea why. It's because she won't back down when attacked.

Letterman, Olbermann, Matthews, Couric, Lauer, Powerline, Noonan, Parker, Brooks, Frum, and the Beltway GOP once again unleashed their nastiness and savagery upon her, and what did she do? She fired back, and she fired back without mercy upon her enemies. She reduced Matt Lauer to a stumbling mass of jumbling live on National TV. She has caused the pundit class and MSNBC to twist themselves into a pretzel over her response. And David Letterman and his enablers have made themselves look foolish in the process of trying to spin this away.

All because she won't back down. All because she refuses to abandon the battlefield and "Play Nice". They have no idea how to deal with that. She is once again in their OODA Loop. And it is fucking awesome.

Too bad too many shitbags ostensibly on our side are not rallying to her defense. That's too bad, because she will take them all on by herself, and they will have missed the lesson about what happens when you finally counterpunch.

All in all, fuck anybody sideways who doesn't defend Gov. Palin now. She has rejoined the battle, and is standing there, damn near by herself, and she has them running from her, reduced to name-calling and refusals to debate her. And anybody who is unwilling to stand with her should be ashamed.

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