June 29, 2007

A Conservative MoveOn?

That's what they're gonna try and do.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.

First, I always get sqeamish about "An Answer to" operations.  So often they are just crap.  So we'll see from that perspective.  Politically there's more to worry about.

If this is going to be an ideology based operation looking to advance conservatism, it could be excellent news that we've needed for a long time.  If its an attempt by the GOP elite to build a foothold online, it'll roll over and die. 

 Depending on when the plans for the sites get off the ground, its first test will be the Amnesty bill.  If it comes out in favor of the base's wishes in an aggressive manner and shows itself to be of the movement, it'll do well, if its a mouthpiece for the RINO led GOP, we have yet another liability, one we don't need right now. 

It used to bother me to say it, but I'm entirely comfortable doing so now because I think many are on the same page.  We need a Kossification of the conservative movement.  We've tried to be civil with our GOP elite, and showed decency and dignity in our trying to work with them.

 That clearly is not working anymore, the fact that we literally had to overload the Senate's fucking phone system yesterday to get them to respond to what the base and in this case, the nation at large, wanted, is more proof than I'll ever need. 

The way the bill was put together alone is a very dangerous trend.  When the Senate puts forth a bill that will enact major policy change in a way that tries to avoid scrutiny and debate in the way that they did, that is a disturbing trend.  I expect no better from the unscrupulous Left, but not from the GOP. 

Its become obvious to me that we need to assemble an ideological enforcement wing to keep our legislators and party elite in line.  Kos and other prominent leftists are constantly talking with the elite of the left, and directly influence their decisions.  We see people like Harry Reid and Dick Turbin grovel at the feet of the Kossacks and kiss Kos' ring.  Why not us?  Why wasn't Mitch McConnell groveling at our feet and then going out against amnesty full bore? 

Its obvious now that he has to be, the stakes are too high now for us to be sloppy.  The GOP elite will do whatever it is they want unless they live in constant fear of a nasty political backlash, and I mean vicious. They are KleptoCons, conservative until they can get access to the public coffers or a lobbyists dollar.  Or perhaps they could be called ConvenienceCons, conservative until its the slightest bit inconvenient.

Building the systems to make the changes we want won't happen overnight.  Many of the Shamnesty Sellouts will hold their seats  in the next election.   This Shamnesty debacle will help us in building that movement.  I think things can get better.  My hope is that in ten years, we'll be able to match the totality of the liberal MSM and media power by at least half, and be at around 75% or greater by twenty years.

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