May 09, 2008

A good response to Pat Toomey's defense of the Club for Growth's RINO hunting, the CFG has generally been good, but they could be better.

Like spreadsheets?  Sure, we all do.  This one lets you compare yourself to Obama, Hillary and McCain on the issues.


The housing bailout, not good for the middle class

If you're a moron and have a Facebook profile, Jen's looking for you.

Oktoberfest will see its highest beer prices evah due to grain price spikes.

Seriously, what is with Bashar Assad's lack of a chin?

Hmm...maybe we could use this to leverage for a release of that Yemeni journalist and a recapture of the Cole plotters.

More fun with weird USB crap.

I'm glad I'm not the only one getting tired of the incessant whining and populist demagoguery about oil prices.  Yeah, I'm looking at you, Bill O'Reilly.

The latest Ask a Moron.

The Minnesota Star Tribune still doesn't get it.

Some are more equal than others.

This won't help Obama, won't sink him, but it doesn't help.

The Jewish Council for the Aging gave Phil Donahue an award and an hour to rant about the Bushitler and America. Unsurprisingly, Attila(who is Jewish) isn't impressed, and says there are plenty of other worthy Jewish charities to support.

California:  The EPIC FAIL State.  Speaking of the Soviet of California... a two dollar tax hike on a six of beer?

Fun 'shop from Slublog.

Yeah, where is the condemnation from Reuters over Hezbollah's beating of their photographers?  If the Israelis had done it, the screeching would shatter glass.

FAIL  This one is seriously funny.


Why the death penalty exists.

No, I haven't posted that music video.  Hostages have your latest dose of giant boobage, and the finalist and winners for their list of Worst Sex Toy Names, and open the firing salvo in the Boob War.  Caliban fires back with a video from some guy named Rodney Carrington (comedian?), which is definitely Not Safe for Work.  I have to give round one to The Hostages, because my Yankee ears bleed when they hear country.

Canadian censorship campaign continues.

Wow, I'm impressed we had someone take such a firm line with China.  I'm sure the State Department will quickly get on its hands and knees and beg forgiveness for this.

CT has a great post on those who actively want to see the US lose and suffer in Iraq.

Malor is done with law school!

The thugs that run Myanmar seized the UN's first shipment of emergency aid food and supplies, which means UN Aid shipments are now suspended until the government allows the UN to do its relief work or the UN capitulates.  They've also rejected US aid.

Oh, shit!

Seems that a lot of people are opting to support individual candidates over just giving funds to the GOP.  I've already got a small list of downticket people that might be good to support, hopefully the bigger sites will take the same idea and run with it.

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