May 08, 2008

There is a Yemeni journalist named Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani who is well respected in Yemen for his pro-democracy views.  Well, he's not so respected by the thugs in charge of Yemen, they're putting him on trial, and may give him the death penalty.  So there's a petition going around online to try and pressure the Yemeni government to back down.  I doubt it'll have an impact on those monsters, but maybe it'll get our own State Department to do its one good deed this year.  You can drop by CB's, MyVRWC and the Jawas for more information and where to sign the petition. 

Islamic clerics in Iran tell Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to chill with the Mahdi rhetoric.

The death of mystique in entertainment.

Show me the money!

So wrong...some perv must have looked at a Play-Doh fun set and thought, A-ha!

Interesting project started up by Jon Henke, Patrick Ruffini and Soren Dayton to develop a sort of conservative activist portal.  I do think this is needed, I think what it needs to do is figure out how to bridge the gap between nationally focused sites, locally focused ones and try and connect them with actual people. 

There are smart solutions to address our energy needs, they just aren't happening.



The worthless House GOP are worried about double digit losses this year, the worthless Senate GOP is less worried, now that Al Franken is self-destructing.

"Ha-Ha!  Yes, is funny...know what else is funny?  You dangling from a rope!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Take him away!"

Joey Vento is a good guy, he's donating all of his profits to the memorial fund of the Philly officer who was killed by those bank robbers.  Speaking of which, they caught another one of the vermin.  I think Vento started the whole give a day's profit to charity after 9/11, but I could be wrong.

I agree, Lake County ought to be looked at with more scrutiny then it has been getting, and I don't think it'll happen because the media is so clearly in Obama's corner, they aren't going to press the point.

Funneh.  The Bar Slaves have fun goofing on a black supremacist.


Lemur King has a fun roundup, from USB Foreman grills to men in drag.

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