April 29, 2008


Be sure to offer Stashiu your best wishes, and if you have a few spare shekels to give, that would be awesome, or a post to give some attention to Stash's situation would be great and appreciated.  Stash served this nation in the Army for 24 years, and is now having to spend a king's ransom to fix his first lawyer's screwups while processing his daughters' adoptions.  Here's my post on it, feel free to use it as a template.  A lot of you have already posted it, but I know there other Morons who haven't seen it yet, and I'm sure are ready to help. 

Now that the serious business is taken care of, the links!

Hillary asks for over $2 BILLION in earmarks this year.  Yes, BILLIONS.  Unfortunately I lack Slublog or Weasel's mad photoshop skillz...eh, close enough,


Chihuahua in scuba gear!

Nice Deb has some Wright reactions from the professional punditry, and the impotent attempts by the GOP officials to capitalize on it.

Eggman has the latest on the our crappy border situation, and this time, one of our soldiers is sitting in a Mexican jail.

Cuffy on watching Rev. Wright destroying Obama's campaign prospects, and the hopey-changey post-racial nonsense.

Shoebox @ the Eggman's place says time to declare Operation Chaos a success and bring it to a close.

Be sure to check out Brian's Daily Dictator series, offering the best propaganda from dictator run-news services.

Two different opinions on the Miley Cyrus photo controversy.  Wyatt thinks its way overblown, and has the picture up in the post.  I dunno, maybe the anger was a bit much, but I think the feeling that this is exploitative isn't that off base.

Old Iron thinks Rev. Wright is applying for a Jackson/Sharpton style race hustler job.  I think I might agree, and really, sabotaging Obama's campaign works in his favor, he can just blame it on racism.

I really, really fucking hate journalists.

Geoff, on behalf of all of us evil whities, welcomes the Chinese into the Nothing You Will Ever Do Will Be Right Club.

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