April 28, 2008


Bread, land, peace and power to the Soviet!  The Marxist black supremacist Black Panthers celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Check out their list of goals, the sounds like they took the old Bolshevik slogans and modified them.  Barack Obama's campaign celebrated by posting a congratulations, then promptly taking it down when conservative blogs catch wind of it.

Ah, this is interesting.  Handy how a corporation can pay Obama as a legal consultant, then soon after, Obama starts using his position in the Illinois Senate to try and get them state grants and earmarks.

Steven Seagal is...written about here.

Some of the search terms people find sites with...anyway, wish Malor the best on his lawyer-y test dealies, then goof on him a bit.

Yeah, probably.  In any case, I hope things are made right, this guy is clearly the victim of abuse of power.

Ronbots making some progress in their efforts to hijack the GOP Convention. 

What is crazy Rev. Wright's game here?  He has to know he's undermining Obama here.

The Soviet of Philly is a God-forsaken hellhole, part 5,103,868,023 of a continuing series.  I guarantee Philly starts screeching for more fascist gun control laws in response.

An interesting comparison.


Is there some reason why we can't seem to keep our military facilities in decent shape?  Seriously, first Walter Reed, now this.

Funniest pic you'll see all day.

The latest on the not so peaceful peace movement.

Geoff offers a very compelling reason to vote for the obnoxious dickhole McCain.

Here's a way to let people know you'll be supporting the bastard, but not liking it at all.

otcconan has a post from his brother, who is in Iraq

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