April 26, 2008


Weekend edition, some of this was started on Saturday, but I didn't bother to finish it till today.

In any case, I'd ask you to to offer up prayers for a friend if you could.  I'll likely have more on that later.

Cranky got some pics of a B-2 Bomber.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, you don't try and rob WWII vets, they'll just kick your ass or run you off.


Jen rants about the horrendous Sandra Lee, and yes, Sandra Lee is terrible, but Rachel Ray is still the Antichrist.

Aye carumba!


An engineer's guide to cats

This is what happens when you disrespect the Rickroll, Mets.  You lose to the Nationals.  The intarwebs have now cursed you to with EPIC FAIL.

It is always funny when a Democrat tries to quote scripture.  I rarely quote scripture unless I'm quoting from Pulp Fiction (I'm joking, I'm not quite that bad).  Quoting scripture in public (outside of a church or synagogue) is a tough thing to do, because you walk that thin line between sounding like you have no clue what the hell you're saying and sounding like a religious crank.

Saudi blogger freed.

Yet more on the disaster that is ethanol.

Seattle leftists on homeless shelters:  NIMBY!


Funny thing, there used to be a Chinese restaurant here in town that a similar thing happened.  Cops got a call that the owner was chasing one of his employees around the the parking lot with a big knife, shouting (presumably obscenities) at the employee in Chinese.

Interesting...Hillary takes on Newt's debate idea, and wants to do a Lincoln-Douglas style debate with Obama.

Ron Paul's crank supporters trying to subvert the convention, and who can blame them, He's the Only Man Who Can Save America!TM in their fevered little brains.

bmac had it right, Morgan Spurlock is a crappy Michael Moore wannabe

Obama really effed up in PA, even in his Philly stronghold.

Check out this picture.


A profile of Stern Pinball, one of the last of the major pinball machine producers.

I really hate the elite of the PA GOP.  Worthless sellouts and corrupt tools, the lot of them.

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