April 25, 2008


Atlantic City casino industry commits suicide, Nanny Staters act as Dr. Kevorkian.

GTA4 leaked.

Up up & away in my beautiful balloons.


Famously incompetent Howards.

Tough old lady.


Are you ready for Huck's new book?

Ask a Moron.

Ethanol is a disaster.  We knew this of course, but it bears repeating.

Reid considers getting tough and going the UN route with the superdelegates.

Bear trainer gets Treadwell'd.


This may warrant a longer post later.  Basically, the gun dealer who sold firearms to both the Vtech and NIU shooter is offering a major discount to students.  I agree with him in principle, that the right to carry is the best chance we have at limiting or stopping these sorts of attacks.  I still don't think he should have done it, because of precisely what is happening.  It doesn't matter if it is100% unfair to the dealer, the connection he has to those two events is going to make most people queasy, and the fascists in the media, the Brady Campaign and the VPC are all seizing upon it.

Funneh pic.

Reporting on white athletes.

Democrats down on Dean?

I'm really tired of the protectionist demagoguery the left is engaging in with this Colombian trade deal.

Brits cancel St. George parade, despite no complaints.

Funny how this works, it takes youtube forever to remove jihadi propaganda, yet Mark Bunker has his account suspended immediately, not to mention all the abuse anti-jihad and conservatives get there.

PattyAnn requests this video for the Moronosphere Links, doubleplusundead delivers.

McCain works hard to gain support from the conservative movement.  And the GOP follows suit...maybe McCain is the party standardbearer?

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