April 23, 2008


Weasel alerts us to a book sale that Mark Steyn is holding to put together a defense fund for he, Ezra Levant and Canadian conservative bloggers to fight against the fascist tool Richard Warman, who is trying to take them down.

Laser pointers declared weapon in Australia, up to 14 years in the pen for getting caught with one.  See, this is what happens when you let Nanny Staters take over your country.

Some more good info on the anti-Second front group AHSA

Click for the picture, stay for the captions.

Van Halen getting back together? Again?

Maine voters getting pissed over tax hikes.

Thank God Hillary is such a megalomaniac, the liberal talking heads, nutroots and activists are losing their fucking minds.

Obama spinning, and would one of you morons ask Moronpundit a question already?  Also...homoment?

More shady Obama buddies.

FitchgateReally?  Beth's right, people are waaaay overusing -gate.  It was funny though, those three guys with A&F shirts, and the guy with the handwritten stuff on it.  I don't think they thought that one through.  And of course all the WSJ starts giving reasons why Obama can't win here, all of which I've been saying here for ages now.  Also a good post there on the NYT attacking Hillary, and on Hillary acting as a spoiler to help McCain.  As pitiful a candidate as McCain is, he could use that help.

Answer, they can't.  The Democrats are in a really bad spot.  If Hillary loses, but the superdelegates break for her because she has a better chance of winning in the general, there'll be riots in the convention.  If Obama wins it, he isn't gonna win in PA and I think it'd be surprising if he took Ohio.  If Hillary wins legit, which is really unlikely, and Obama refuses the VP slot, I think the black vote and some of the starry eyed Obama cultists stay home.  The only really bad scenario is if Hillary gets the nomination, and Obama accepts the VP. 

Crossover votes broke for Obama.  I'm not surprised, Obama is critically weak in PA, and bitter Pennsylvanians know that Democrats don't win without PA.

Student who was planning massive attack on school facing WMD charges too, and could get a life sentence.  Good fucking riddance, lock him up and throw away the damn key.  Thank God he was caught.

More fun with GOP VP prospects...

*yawn* Democrats pushing for withdrawal again...

Cheney rules.

Sperm thief!

Sockless Joe thinks PA District 5 is looking good in the congressional race, that the Democrats might have picked the weaker candidate, and GOP probably picked the best candidate.  They had a sleazy guy named Matt Shaner who was pounding TV and radio with ads.   We were getting them here, and I'm in D-10.  Thompson had a pitiful budget and still won.

As for my district, Chris Hackett won, which is who I supported.  There was a debate where Hackett stated he wasn't going to pursue pork money.  Meuser said hell yeah I'm pursuing pork money.  I went with the anti-pork guy, and we got it.  Hackett also had more of the right endorsements and sounded a little less like he was throwing out boilerplate crap and offering the real thing. 

The GOP lost PA D-10 in a fluke, Don Sherwood decided to have an affair and was accused of choking his mistress in an argument, so we should be able to get it back, D-10 is a conservative district. 

What the...?

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