April 19, 2008


Weekend Edition!  If any of you Morons have a blog and want in on the linkfest and Moronosphere blogroll, let us know. 

Today we offer our prayers and condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Attila at PI is off to seder, so I'll use that as a jump-off to offer my best to you Jewish Morons who are observing Passover.

The GOP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Free Mumia  Dickie Scruggs!

The collective value of the Moronosphere...is inflation really that bad?

Chodeslapistan.  Oh, and be sure to ask a stupid question over there for Ask a Moron posts.  It's like Ann Landers...for window lickers.

I would have guessed severed fingers...

Chaos at HuffPo, a microcosm of the left at large.  HuffPo has to be reeling now, they were the ones who really broke the Bitter story, and it looks like they're trying to atone.

Big Reuters is watching you...

Ten Grand...for a kid's birthday party?


I wonder how long it'll be till the Secret Service pays this kid and his parents a visit.  I'd laugh, but this is actually kind of disturbing.  Reminds me of The Littlest Moonbat.

"Hope. Change. Unity. Cold-blooded Murder."  A profile on Obama's terrorist buddy Bill Ayers.

Obama unsuccessfully tries to connect with the everyman.  Also, Jonn gives warning about the American Hunters and Shooters Association, a front organization for anti-2nd forces trying to encourage Fudds to go Vichy on other gunowners.  I knew about AHSA, but you or others might not have.  It isn't a friend to gunowners, including Fudds.

Speaking of gunowners, turns out they're a pretty chipper bunch

Jim DeMint trying to derail senators Harry Reid and John Ensign's efforts to get pork for a Mag-Lev train from CA to Vegas.  Why do I call it pork? There are private companies that are interested in building it, without taxpayer funds.  We can't expect better from Reid, but Ensign ought to be ashamed.

Speaking of Dingy Harry, today is an anniversary for him too...

I usually like to have more than this for a story, but Moron Caliban says that he has a inside source he trusts claiming that a casino has been caught skimming their profits and kicking them back to Pakistan.  Something to watch out for.

Yet another reason our school systems are failing.

Soyuz capsule lands off course in Kazakhstan.  Which immediately made me think of the tantrums thrown over the fact that Cosmonauts carry survival pistols on their spaceflights, they carry them for a reason. Soyuz isn't a Space Shuttle that can glide to an airfield.

Oh, and drop by VtheK's and add your own caption!

Of course, the Obama logo generator

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