June 03, 2008


An interesting comparison.

Bob Barr tells white supremacists to get fucked.

One moron is gonna try and get a press pass for a Maverick meeting.

Note to self:  Go easy with goofing on George Lucas.

Well, this sounds bad, and since most of the GOP sold out on the Lieberman-Warner bill, I can't say I'd be entirely surprised.  Worthless Congress.

NYTimes makes a list of reading suggestions for Maverick, chad offers some better ones.  I'd add World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide, and some Orwell.

Hmmm...I'd say the UK has become wussified, though I'd argue that it is leaving wussified and moving into fascistic.

Nice Deb offers round two of her reasons for voting for McCain

bmac offers a cathartic explanation for why he can't vote for McCain, and an appeal to the super aggro McCainiacs and fall-in-line crowd.  Fortunately, pretty much all of the moronosphere bloggers are civil about differences on the McCain question.

skinbad at IB offers a poem from the perspective of the little douchebags who trashed Robert Frost's home.



$1 million reward out for al-Qaeda vermin Adam Gadahn, dead or alive, happy hunting to our armed forces...they do get to collect if they bag the little fucker, right?  At the very least, the government should give the money to VA charities or something if our guys get him.

This is so wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.

I like Nigel's retooling of the word "dialogue."

Hmm...I can't decide if the Ayatollah should school Obama on propaganda or the other way around.

What western badass are you?  Chuck Bronson, if you have to know.

Wow, that sucks.  Hope they can catch the bastards.

Hey, why don't you lowly plebes eat insects for Gaia?  Yeah, unless you're talking lobster, I'm guessing the answer is going to be FYNQ!


The market did speak, but I'd say the government and it's refusal to allow a fuel supply increase had the final word.

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