May 30, 2008

More on the Yemeni journalist.  Question, when is the State Department going to say something?

Bad idea for Rachael Ray.  I have a good idea for Rachael Ray, STFU and GTFO!  Cancel her show and show reruns of Good Eats.

Told you McClellan was just a chump.  He isn't worth getting annoyed about.


When history dorks attackZarvin?  Who the hell names their kid Zarvin?



The latest from Wack Jack Thompson, this time we get to see the list of witnesses he wants called, including the head of Take Two Interactive, the makers of the GTA series, Governor Jeb Bush and some local shock jock.

More about screwy Fr. Pfleger.

Al Gore Sr.'s cattle drive.

"Recount" tanks.

Oh, that sucks...well, I guess it doesn't now.

More leftist antisemitism.

Operation Drill Bit.

Nigel thinks he has a future recruit for the Moronosphere.  Be sure to say a little prayer for the kid.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sets up a donation fund after the governor cuts his funds for his illegal immigration enforcement program.

This anti-cluster bomb thing is such a stupid charade.  I guarantee that if the US and Israel signed on and nations like Russia and China didn't, we'd never hear another word about the cluster bombs.  We know what the game is here.

I pretty much think this is what we're dealing with in Iran.

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