May 28, 2008

First, a Moronosphere PSA, Conservative Belle is handing off the blogroll to me, so we had to create a new Moronosphere blogroll.  You can still use the old code, but it probably ain't gonna update anymore.  Anyway, here be the new blogroll code, you can clicky and it should display, no it isn't goatse, you spaz, click the damned thing.

Second, I'm updating the site, which means I'll have to do some tweaking...

New movies suck.

McClellan was a sniveling tool with no future, a terrible White House spokesman, what else was he going to do but cash in on the cottage industry built around trashing Bush?

Check out Sockless Joe's post at The Next Right.  I also believe Ruwe is writing there too, I think I saw his name and this post in the recent updates.

Oh, great, black zombies, time for N'gai Croal to cry racism, right?

Welcome home!


Fun with "As seen on TV" products.

McCain or Obama, we're not sure which yet, "Bend over, America!Somewhat related.

I'm almost inclined to say this is disrespectful to gays who were persecuted or killed by the Nazis.  I would think you would want to create something a little more solemn for a memorial.

I've seen a few versions of this, they're all pretty horrifying.

Bunch of stupid hippie luddites.  Hey MP, you ought to take the muffler off your UHaul to pick up their slack.

I linked this a few days ago, and I still haven't taken it...lotta 95%.

I totally use some of my email accounts as storage.

Interesting.  The Mormons like doing their genealogy thing, and they've created a SETI at Home/Folding at Home type system to convert scanned images into type. 

Moonbat wants to arrest John Bolton's 'stashe

Wait, they aren't blaming Global WarmingTM for this?

Sully deconstructed.

Of course, it is the Soviet of Philly after all, and besides, their answer to rampant crime is to try and pass gun bans that will be struck down by the courts because it is in direct violation of PA constitutional gun law.

Neat concept.

Pretty much, not that we don't have a lot of people like that in the US too, but the Brits have it worse.  Okay, we joke about the Brit descent into Nanny Fascist madness, but they're moving into real deal fascism, at least in academia.  What, are you "academics" going to make them wear patches next?

DIY drilling.


Heh, I like this Klaus guy.

Wow, I can't believe the Chinese accepted recovery help from Japan.

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