May 24, 2008

Nice Deb celebrates her first year of moronbloggin'

Today the Phoenix spacecraft is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars, Peel has some information about it and some of the other spacecraft we've sent there, and McGoo has the NASA schedule link and where they'll be doing video coverage, some smut, some other random stuff and a picture of the Russian dildocopter.

I generally agree with this, focusing only or too heavily on microtrends is a bad idea, you still need a good narrative, a good philosophy, and a good candidate.  Exploiting microtrends can win you elections, but that is a tactic, not a strategery.  You can win with superior tactics sometimes, but it won't win against someone with a solid strategery.

I'm not sure of what I think of McCain's VP selection committee head.

Obama will definitely be be Jimmah Carter 2.0, while McCain seems hellbent on doing whatever he can to piss off conservatives and lose.


Your tax dollars at work.

It's not lupus racism.


I'd say it smells like FAIL...EPIC FAIL

I bet it they found a necklace made with human teeth in it.

Stash has a book suggestion.

Why don't the Brits just wrap their entire country in bubble wrap and be done with it?

Jonn spent part of his Memorial Day weekend with a group of FReepers who go to Walter Reed to welcome wounded vets every week.

More caption-y goodness at VtheK's.

Yeah, I don't like where this is going.

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