May 23, 2008

Something I forgot I was going to do, but I'm doing it now.  If anyone knows of good solid conservative candidates running for the House, Senate or maybe even governor or state House and Senate, drop a line in comments. 

And another thing,'s spam filter tends to be overzealous with certain things, and spammers from Wordpress seem to be one of them.  It decides to ban all Wordpress sites now and then because of one or two spambots with Wordpress addys, Pixy will fix it in a bit, but until then, you'll have to leave the URL box blank when you comment.  But do put your URL in your comment.  Never mind, must have been a hiccup.

More caption-y goodness at VtheK's, and CB gets a special feature.

More Caption fun,

Blue Shirt:  Walk like an EgyptiAAAACK!

Red Shirt:  Shut! The Fuck! Up!  You've been singing that stupid song and dancing around for hours now!

Even more caption fun,

"No, my friend, I will be the one to destroy the conservative movement, but it has been a good effort on your part, for that, I give you credit."

I've really been to wondering if that has been Maverick's game plan all along, because if it is, it is imperative that he lose this election.  It makes a fair bit of sense too, Steve Laffey can tell you how difficult it is to go against the RINO establishment.  With McCain-Feingold, and other factors, it makes it very hard to challenge incumbents and the party machinery.

Russian catfight!

Dear God don't let Nanny Bloomberg anywhere near the White House.

The latest Brady Badness from the Soviet of New York.

So, who wants to start a betting pool on what diseases she picks up?

The deification of Ted Kennedy begins continues.  Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

Paulnut wants the Bushitler arrested at the RNC Convention

Shoebox at the Eggman's is all over this oil issue like Rosie O'Donnell at a buffet table.

Attila on the issues Obama may have in courting Jewish voters.

Updates on the big illegal immigration raid in Iowa.



Funny, but I would have gone with Bo' Rai Cho for my reference.

Neat volcano pic.

Weak.  Some company is embargoing Michael Yon's book, and Yon is having trouble getting it to military bases

Jonn on the Kanjorski comments.

Senator Widestance gets a proper tribute.

I don't remember the guy, but I dunno if he'd absorb the lesson anyway.


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