May 21, 2008

Today is Cuba Solidarity Day, which starts off a two week remembrance of the crimes against humanity committed by the Castro regime in Cuba.

Sarasota continues the Nanny State March, and Moronpundit points to an old, relevant post of his.  How sad is it that awful-ass movie might actually have some relevance to reality?   CT has even more Nanny State badness.

Speaking of Moronpundit, anyone ever shred glass in a garbage disposal?  Any advice on how to get the shards out?

Catholic school sued for making school hours English only, see why the rule was enacted.

Antiwar vermin now harassing military taking public transportation, and a Democrat veteran trashed McCain's military record.  Why does the left feel the need to denigrate what McCain did during his service?  The guy went through utter hell for years, he has false teeth and can't lift his arms much beyond shoulder level and God knows what else during his time as a POW.  There's plenty to criticize McCain for, but his military service is off-fucking-limits. 

New Highlander!  Dear God don't let this suck...

Rob Briley spends his last moments in the Tennessee House whining about bloggers and the media.  You may remember Briley for his drunken singing of "Springtime for Hitler" to the TN cop who pulled his drunk ass over.  He also fled the rehab center he checked into and was found in a casino.

Evolution of the cell phone.

Ah, so that's how Obama got a 75K audience.  How bad is it that Obama can have his speech opened up by a band named The Decemberists?

Thanks Bush Admin and GOP Congress for doing fucking nothing to reduce spending!

Fun with e-cards.

Obama wants to play around with media regulation...

Slublog asks all the important questions with regards to the 2008 election.

Weasel has more fun pictures for you.

Good grief.

If Ted Kennedy was a Republican.

Traffic can come from the most interesting places...

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