May 16, 2008

This tool needs another 5 years tacked onto his sentence for being a twat.

Yes, yes it does

I coulda told you this.  This guy is such an embarrassment to PA.

Reuters: ZOMG!!! THE BLACKSHIRTS HAVE RETURNED!!!1!1eleventy!1

Pretty much.

By the numbers.

Lemur King has a recipes section you may want to check out.


I like the idea, but the problem isn't that politicians don't recognize the capitalist model, its that they reject it.

Veggie pride!  I think I'd rather grill steaks or have bbq.

Dan at PW makes the post I wanted to make in response to Peggy Noonan's latest WSJ column.  Also, Mad Libs.

Uh, yeah, find new friends

I am letting my body move to the music, and striking a pose!

Another great Weasel pic.

Old Iron on the Nigerian terrorist organization MEND and the pirates that cause trouble in the region.

Pointy breasts, The Hostages BBF (which gets the content warning this week, NSFW), and God help us whatever Caliban came up with.  Begun, the Boob War has.  Okay, same content warnings go up for Caliban.

So, is Lorena Bobbitt a curator here?  Ha!  There's a picture!

Yeah, this isn't gonna be an overnight process.

Uh, yes, otherwise worthless GOP Congress?  MORE OF THIS!

The left doesn't own the yoots yet

...and Zimbabwe continues its downward spiral.

HAHAHAHA!!!!  Love the title!

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