May 13, 2008


Some filthy baseball parks...maybe check if the one you visit is on there.

I agree, this is fucking awesome.

Shoebox at the Eggman's smacks down the "Hey, Europe pays like $7-$8 for a gallon of gas, we totally can do that too!" rationalization for our poor energy policy.

Government seems pull the in the dumbest among us like a magnet.


I'm curious to see what happens with Jewish voters and supporters on the Democrat side, if they worry about Obama's crazy Anti-Semite, Anti-Israel church.

Slublog seems pretty impressed with the Evangelical Manifesto, which is an attempt by various evangelicals to separate themselves from politics.  Catholics had to do this a few decades ago, in large part because of Marxist populist priests and sisters in Latin America and to a lesser extent, Africa.  The church is still trying to reign some of them in, but overall its been successful.

A good question about bumper stickers, what do you do if your car breaks down, and you have to borrow a leftie family members car with a ZOMG!! CHIMPEACH NAO!!1!eleventy!1 bumper sticker on it?  I'd say painter's tape, throw it on when you have to drive the thing, then remove it later so not to hurt any leftie feelings. Back into where you park to hide it until your pimpmobile is repaired.

Dear God let Hillary throw the convention into chaos.

Congress remains worthless, film at 11.

British judges ditching the powdered wigs?  Lame.

The Fourth Fleet has South American Marxist thugs a bit nervous.

Ah, someone else has a plagiarist.  Hey,  did you come out of retirement, Barrett?

Afghans ditching poppies for wheat to cash in on grain price spikes?

Giant bull!

Where there's a movie, there's the Wilhelm scream.

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