September 03, 2007

...And The Death Spiral Into Nanny-Statism Continues

You wanna see one of the natural conclusions of Nanny-Statism?  How 'bout here, this story about Edwards stating that health service would be mandatory under universal health care has been making the rounds.  

This is a natural extension of what Nanny-Statism is, and it won't stop at mandatory medical services, it'll continue into dictating how one should live their life, keeping them from engaging in 'risky' behavior, and then those liberties will be banned.   They'll ban smoking, alcohol (except for communion wine...until Big Brother can ban that bourgeois bullshit too), fatty foods and anything else they deem unfit to do. 

Then comes the question of treatment life threatening problems, such as cancer.  Inevitably, the gov't will find itself in a position of wanting to resort to euthanasia or abandoning treatment to cut costs, whether the victim patient under the Imperial Health System wants to fight it out or not. 

On the flipside, we'll see the government wanting to resort to infanticide for those babies born severely retarded or major physical disabilities.  I believe we're already seeing this springing up in Europe.  

So under Imperial Health Care, we'll see the government deciding what's healthy for you and decide whether you can engage in said activity or not,  whether you get to live or die.  If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, it should.

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