November 01, 2010

We Movin'!!!

This has been in the works for some time, and I've been stalling on making it happen/lazy about announcing it. We're moving the crapblog to, and to Wordpress.  Alice has been working on getting us set up with things, and we'll be making even more improvements in the upcoming weeks.  We're going to try and make Election Day the official launch date, and post most of our election day coverage at the new site.  It's gonna be nice to have IB, H2 and DPUD all at Wordpress.

I go into detail a bit why we're moving to the new site over there, but more than that, over here, I did want to thank Pixy for hosting us over the past three years.  I'll say it a million times if I have to, Pix is a damn good guy, and a damn good soldier for the cause, that he can do what he does is may not have known this, but Pix has to regularly scrape wallaby remains off of the wires off his servers...lil' bastards love to chew server wiring.  Pix, if you're ever in the States, particularly my part of the Northeast, beer is definitely on me, and thanks.

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October 31, 2010

The Walking Dead premier

Dude, that was awesome, I'm really excited to see where the series, haven't read the comics it's based off of.  BTW, no spoilers for a while, I know Alice hasn't had a chance to watch yet, and I'm sure one of our three readers hasn't watched either.

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Halloween at the H House

The zombie needs a name...

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October 29, 2010

In honor of the upcoming Empuddening

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"I don't understand"

Robo-bama gets an economic lesson. Via Jonah Goldberg. Not safe for work.

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The view from the Ivory Tower

Normally, I don't link NYT columnists—especially not Paul Krugman—but this piece of shit is such an amazing example of the lack of self-awareness displayed by people living in the MFM bubble that it belongs in a museum, where future generations can laugh at study it.

Barring a huge upset, Republicans will take control of at least one house of Congress next week. How worried should we be by that prospect?

Not very, say some pundits. After all, the last time Republicans controlled Congress while a Democrat lived in the White House was the period from the beginning of 1995 to the end of 2000. And people remember that era as a good time, a time of rapid job creation and responsible budgets. Can we hope for a similar experience now?

No, we can’t. This is going to be terrible. In fact, future historians will probably look back at the 2010 election as a catastrophe for America, one that condemned the nation to years of political chaos and economic weakness.

Um, could you remind me again which party has had control of the legislative branch of our federal government since the 2006 midterms? I guess there wasn't a whole lot of "political chaos" there, except for the fact that once they really got rolling, they had to pass their major wet-dream legislation through kickbacks and backroom deals, shady procedural maneuvers that nobody had ever heard of, and votes under the cover of darkness, but, hey, I guess shit that you kind of liked got done.

As for economic weakness under a Republican-dominated opposition to Obama's policies, well, you're the Nobel Prize-winning genius who has a column in the NYT and the rest of us don't have jobs, so I guess we'll just have to defer to your superior wisdom. In the mean time, we'll be out collecting bottles and cans.

Krugman goes on to lambaste the poopy-pants Republicans of the mid-90s for the whole government shutdown thing, which was, arguably, bad for both sides. However, he starts that argument with the following:

In the late-1990s, Republicans and Democrats were able to work together on some issues. President Obama seems to believe that the same thing can happen again today. In a recent interview with National Journal, he sounded a conciliatory note, saying that Democrats need to have an “appropriate sense of humility,” and that he would “spend more time building consensus.” Good luck with that.

Um, yeah. The problem lies with congressional Republicans, not President Slurpee Joke. The problem has nothing to do with "I won." The problem has nothing to do with a guy who has no compunction whatsoever about going to an ethnic media outlet and uttering the words "punish your enemies." That's a real consensus-builder right there.

Krugman goes on to talk about how fucking outrageous (my spin on how I think he views it) Mitch McConnell's focus on making sure that Obama is a one-term president (HORRORS! No political party has ever worked to this end!) and then writes one of the goddamn stupidest fucking things ever printed in the history of recent punditry:

True, Mr. McConnell did say that he might be willing to work with Mr. Obama in certain circumstances — namely, if he’s willing to do a “Clintonian back flip,” taking positions that would find more support among Republicans than in his own party. Of course, this would actually hurt Mr. Obama’s chances of re-election — but that’s the point.

As someone recently said to Obama himself: "Dude." The reason anyone other than Krugman, who's seemingly giving himself a visual prostate exam here, would mention a "Clintonian back flip" is that it fucking worked for Clinton. In fact, if McConnell actually suggested it, he's kind of fucking up on that whole "one-term" thing.

Bill Clinton ran as a moderate and then tried to ram a Big Government, leftist agenda down America's throat, and subsequently faced a massive backlash. What did he do? He moved toward the center, and got re-elected. Hey, fancy that.

Barry and Krugman both have Nobels. I once got four gold stars on a crayon drawing of a horsey, and my mom put it up on the fridge. I leave it up to you to determine which is the greater honor.

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October 28, 2010

Pumpkin carving the Moron Way!

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Is this something?

It goes without saying (or, in this case, typing) that I don't trust anything the Dems do as being on the up-and-up, but I just can't figure out what's going on here...

The Democratic National Committee has asked the Pentagon to provide records of correspondence between the Army and nine potential challengers to President Obama in 2012, Fox News has confirmed, giving a unique glimpse of part of what appears to be the Democrats' opposition research strategy.

ABC News first reported an internal Army e-mail that indicates the DNC filed Freedom of Information Act requests for "any and all records of communication" between military agencies and Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Haley Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, John Thune, Mitch Daniels and Bobby Jindal, all of whom are considering campaigning for the White House.

Does anyone have any theories about why they're doing this? I mean, they must have some kind of angle, or they wouldn't bother, but I just don't get it.

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October 27, 2010

Rush Hannity, Come on Down!

WRKO in Bastin is having a contest for the Next Great Political Blogger!!!!!!
They don't say you need to be a New English blogger, but I bet that would help. They're kinda parochial around those pahts.

Not sure if anybody here is interested but there it is. You send them your best political post (not poat, I'll explain later) and they'll do stuff after that and then you win a temporary job they claim is worth $5k, you'll have to pay taxes on it.

Why no poats?
Contest rules
Entries must not contain any indecency, profanity, or obscenity as determined by Station in its sole discretion....

eddiebear should probably just root for someone else too.

Via Jay G at Marooned.
Don't tell him I told you. He's trying to win and he's at least as well armed as I am and maybe even a little better armed.
Eh, I have high-cap mags, I'll get him while he's reloading.

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A planet where apes evolved from...Jacko?

You maniacs!  You blew it up!

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There's no such thing as liberal media bias

Nope. Not at all. There's no such donkey animal. I'm totally sure that the juxtaposition of photographs at the top of this Politico article on the Nevada Senate race regarding alleged dirty deeds from the Reid campaign is just a coincidence...


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October 26, 2010

Because I love him

How so hot, Gary Oldman?  How.  So.  Hot.

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How is this a lie, Markos?

Kos thinks the idea that one would go to jail for not buying health insurance under Obamacare is a lie. Sorry, that ain't gonna fly. It's true that jail isn't the first remedy. Those not complying would first face fines or taxes (whichever is the politically or Constitutionally "in" term of the day).

What happens when you don't pay taxes or fines?

You go to jail.

The ultimate cost of noncompliance with any government edict is eventual imprisonment. If you don't pay your parking tickets, you'll eventually be behind bars.  Why would Obamacare be different?

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Love Him or Hate Him

It's Allah's wit I always loved (particularly in the old days):

Pelosi’s already entered some sort of Queeg-ian fugue state of denial

I laughed out loud.

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Really? Are you guys (by which I mean the MFM) still trying to prop this pathetic thing up?

A progressive infusion in US politics, the Coffee Party is brewing a strong counter-movement to the ultra-conservative Tea Party, just a week ahead of the US legislative elections.

Born in January in reaction to the bashing President Barack Obama's proposed health care reform was getting in Congress and the media, the Coffee Party first took shape on Facebook.

I'm not going to even bother to quote any more of the article, which mainly quotes leftist activist Annabel Park talking about how many Facebook friends she has.

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One More Week

Fuck the left. Dungeonfuck them so hard with the detachable cock from a sodomizing zombie that they will grow a new appendange as a result. Fuck them for everything. Fuck their smugness. Fuck their arrogance. And megafuck them to infinity because I just plain old fucking hate them.

They have beaten us up, mocked us, lied to us, slandered us, humiliated us, ruined our future, and sneered condescendingly to us that they know better, and that we should just shut the fuck up and take it prison style and ask for more.

Well, I for one refuse to play their goatse game. I refuse to let them do what they have done to us and to our future. I refuse to sit the fuck back and fucking take it. I refuse to let them tell me that it's a good thing for my daughter to endure a worse life than I ever had. I refuse to let them tell me that rationing care and doing with less is a groovy fucking idea. And I really, really, really, really fucking refuse to let this country's light and flame of hope be dimmed into an eco bulb of failure and desperation.

Besides, in my sick, depraved heart, I fucking want to see them wailing and moaning. I fucking want to see them shocked and appalled that the fucking people stood up and told them to get rotofucked with a sewer snake. And I just like electorally curbstomping them. The American people have been fucked over by the left and their RINO enablers. Now, on November 2, we fuck back.  We fuck them. We make them our bitches. And we discard them like a dirty fuckrag.

So get lubed up, lefties. Get lubed up to have a new orifice created from what the freedomcock of victory will do to you.

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October 25, 2010

I'm in Walmart

So I was in Walmart when I heard the Old Spice whistle. This is caused a Pavlovian head whip and then I saw these on the in store displays. There may have been squealing, I admit nothing.

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Are you ready?


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My congresscritter hates me

So I spent the late afternoon and early evening making calls for Patrick Murray.
I know the sample is small, but I'm not very optimistic.
I'm not sure how many calls I made, but the vast majority who responded said they were voting for Moran (or "straight Dem").
It seemed to me that most of the ones who refused to say who they were voting for (but did hang around for both questions) were kinda hostile.

Which made me think they were voting for Moran, because I got the same vibe off most of the people who said they were voting for Moran.

I figured the ones who refused to say who they voted for (but hung around for the questions) didn't want me to try to change their minds, so that's why they didn't say "Moran". I wasn't going to try to change their minds, but they didn't know that.

It's not as if I'm surprised but I'm a little disappointed.
I'm an optimist by nature, it's just life that's made me a pessimist.

My first call I screwed up. My second was no better, but the third. Ahhhh, that lovely third call.
"I'm not voting for Moron".
Made my night it did. Too bad any more were few and far between.
No, I don't know how that symbol thing got in this post.

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Praise the prof and pass the bong

Puppy Blender link about the higher ed bubble.
I'm not discussing if there is a higher ed bubble*, I'm just talking about this the pic at the link.
Written on the pic is:
"Four years for a BS with honors
6 years for a Ph.D
Now, I work 70 hours a week for $30K
It just wasn't worth it. I want my 20s back"

If you're working 70 hours for $30k I'm gonna guess neither your BS nor your master's nor your Ph.D required any math and since you don't say J.D, you're not being abused by a law firm.

But that's not the point.

The point is the "I want my 20s back."

You partied your ass off for your 20s on your parent's dime and loans.

You didn't want to go out into the "real world" so you kept going for your Ph.D in 12th century French poetry or Linguistics of the Patriarchy and now have to work your butt off teaching English at a community college or something.

In other words, you partied your ass off and got some useless degrees and now you're mad?
Color me totally uncaring.

*I would suggest there is one for high-dollar schools.
I went to state schools when I went back so my student loan payments are around $130/month.
And that only because I didn't feel like working full time+ the last  two years, I had no loans for the first two years, no sleep, but no loans.
I tutored for pocket money and let loans pay my $350/month rent and pot of stew every week for the last two years in Fucking Utica.

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