January 30, 2010

Reason Eleventy Bazillion And Twenty Eight Why The Government Should Not Be Allowed To Run A Car Company

Seems the concerns many people had about the Federal Government owning car companies because of an unfair advantage may have been correct.

However, as Caruso-Cabrera pointed out, it was the Obama administration's Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood who determined that Toyota had to recall these vehicles over reports of sticky acceleration pedals.

"Ray LaHood is on the record saying that he told them they had to do this," Caruso-Cabrera said. "They had to stop selling. Are you looking into whether or not that was absolutely necessary? Are you convinced this was necessary?"

Sessions expressed his concern over that possibility and noted the amount of money the federal government had recently pumped into GMAC, the auto financing arm of General Motors.

"Well, you know - we were in until late last night and I hadn't heard that," Sessions said. "I worry about those kind of things. I worry about Ford working hard and having to compete against the federal government. With an unlimited - they just gave $3 billion more to GMAC. The President's got to be careful here. He can not be playing politics and union politics or regional politics with the economy of this country."

Since Toyota (NYSE:TM) announced the recall, the shares of the auto manufacturer have dropped more than 15 percent in the last seven trading sessions, down $2.10 on Jan. 28 after a $7.01 slide the day before.

 Not to be a conspiracy nut, but when the Government owns anything, they can do anything to the competition. Take heed, anybody involved in healthcare or insurance.


Here is some information on the issue. And here is the website of the supplier.

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The latest from Failure Island

Police in the Nanny State get creative when they write tickets.

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January 29, 2010

Tony Blair: War Criminal.

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair faced an inquiry today into the Iraq war, and, to his credit, he stuck by his guns and said he'd do it all over again to remove Saddam Hussein from power.  The Iraq war was unpopular in Brittain, and as he left the inquiry today, he was booed by the audience.  I give the man sincere props for sticking to his guns and saying that the world is a better, safer place without Saddam Hussein. 

"This isn't about a lie or a conspiracy or a deceit or a deception," he told the panel.

"It's a decision. And the decision I had to take was, given Saddam's history, given his use of chemical weapons, given the over one million people whose deaths he had caused, given 10 years of breaking UN resolutions, could we take the risk of this man reconstituting his weapons programmes or is that a risk that it would be irresponsible to take?"

Somehow, though, it seems that the world disagrees, and would rather have a genocidal megalomaniac in charge of Iraq than to let the country try its hand at freedom.  Enough so that they're saying Tony Blair could be charged with fucking war crimes for standing by its ally - the United States - to wipe a derranged, power-mad, murdering dictator off the map.

Fuck that.  Fuck it with a rusty chainsaw attached to a steel dildo.  Fuck it ten ways from tomorrow sideways with a baseball bat.  These are the same fuckers wearing Che t-shirts like he's some sort of motherfucking saint; the same people who think that we should cut plea deals with fucking terrorists and let terrorists go free for the sake of our "image."

Fuck our image and fuck your t-shirt, you fucking buckets of fail.  If it's the right-wing that's so evil, why is it that we're the ones who are deposing oppressive dictators and fighting desperately for the freedom of people to whom we owe nothing?

Just fucking curious.

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Feds looking for plea bargain with crotch bomber

What a fucking circus.  Really?  Our prosecutors are coming to a fucking terrorist that tried to blow up one of an airliner over an American city, hat in hands, asking this fucktard to plead guilty?  Really?  So liberals are going to tell me that after years of insisting that terrorists be tried in federal court instead of in front of a military tribunal, and finally getting their wish that this is what we're gonna get?  The back and forth on closing Gitmo, the back and forth on detaining policy for violent terrorists, the venue changes for the KSM trial, now this?  You stupid, stupid children.

You know what I think...we really ought to let these guys have a crack at running our health care system, whaddya say?

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Moron of the Day: NBA Player Gives Birth Control Advice

No.  Really.

Dear Haitians -

First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded.

As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it's possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?


The Rest of the World

I don't know whether to laugh or be OUTRAGED!!!!1

Maybe both?

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Michael Moore: Man Of The People

Fuck you, you fat hypocrite. Fuck you with the engine from your limo service.

Moore was criticizing an economic system he calls “legalized greed,” but the Mackinac Center has discovered that Moore’s movie qualified for a windfall — at the expense of Michigan taxpayers.

That windfall would come from Michigan’s refundable tax credit program for the film industry, a program that allows movie producers to apply for a tax refund of up to 42 percent of their spending in Michigan. This lavish provision means a studio can easily receive more from Michigan taxpayers than it pays in Michigan taxes.

Need I remind you how buttfuckingly fuckfisted Michigan's economy is right now?

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Why this is an outrageous outrage!

I am filled with oh, let's face it, I'm filled with putting my face in my hands and giggling like Silky Pony watching The Tape (you're welcome for that image btw).

Yes, yes, branding someone against their will is bad and all that, m'kay?  But c'mon, drunken frat boy ass branding is objectively hilarious. 

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In a just world

As I read this link about Lech Walesa going to a Tea Party event I had a thought. 
In a just world this man would be a hero, feted wherever he went and talked about and revered at least as much as Nelson Mandela.

Alas, the thugocracy he ended was a brutal, commie one and for that he can never be forgiven by all the right people.

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Silky Pony's mistress demanding tapes back from Silky's aide

Wrong, so, so wrong.

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Well, What The Fuck DO You Want Then Buddy?

Seriously, if the MOST FUCKING POWERFUL JOB IN THE FUCKING WORLD bores you after just one fucking year on the fucking job, then what in the fuck fuck fuckity fucking the fucking fat Fellowship Females at the nearest think tank do you fucking want? Fill in for Oprah? The New Slapchop Endorsement Guy? Writing a book? The most powerful man in the fucking world giving up after a setback? Seriously?!? Is this who we fucking the funeral fluids of fucking FAIL have running the fucking show? Jeebus fucking goatse giggling the newfish in the shower fucking Cheerist! What the fuck? This guy has everything at his disposal, and he is bored?

By mid-2006, Majority Leader Harry Reid "sensed his frustration and impatience, had heard rumblings that Obama was already angling to head back home and take a shot at the Illinois governorship," write Mark Halperin and John Heilemann in the new book Game Change. Reid knew "Obama simply wasn't cut out to be a Senate lifer."

According to the book, the majority leader invited Obama to his office for a talk. "You're not going to go anyplace here," Reid told Obama. "I know that you don't like it, doing what you're doing." Reid suggested Obama run for president. Obama had been a senator for all of 18 months at the time. Soon after, he was off and running.

What drove Obama was not just ambition, although he is certainly ambitious. As he became frustrated in each job, Obama concluded that the problem was not having the power to do the things he wanted to do. So he sought a more powerful position.

Today he is in the most powerful position in the world. Yet he has spent a year struggling, and failing, to enact far-reaching makeovers of the American economy. So now, even in the Oval Office, there are signs that the old dissatisfaction is creeping back in.

At a Jan. 17 Martin Luther King Day event at Washington's Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, Obama brought up the fact that many people see him as almost preternaturally calm. "I have a confession to make," Obama said. "There are times I'm not so calm ... when progress seems too slow ... when it feels like all these efforts are for naught, and change is so painfully slow in coming, and I have to confront my own doubts."

Obama said it to be inspirational, but the fact is, in the past, that's when he looked for a new job.


Oh, and how do you fucking lefties fucking feel, knowing that the empty suit you helped push into power is this fucking weak that he won't push for the fucking goals he and you share? How the fuck do you Congressional Democrats feel, knowing that the fucking leader of your party will leave you to twist in the wind and hope that those lobbying jobs he is promising you when you lose this November do come through while you fight for a guy who will run away the moment somebody punches back? Doesn't fucking feel good, does it? Doesn't really make you want to fight for him, history books be damned, does it? How the fuck does it feel to have pushed this guy, who was the fucking projection of your fucking hopes, utopian dreams, and absolutions for your real and prerceived sins and guilts, only to realize a fucking emo kid who will just curl up when things go hayfuckingwire and you want somebody to advance your goals is in charge?

Good fucking Gaia with a groundhog grief! I have no problem with ambitious people. But I at least want the person to have a fucking idea of what to fucking do once they achieve their goals and how to move forward after a setback. If Obama didn't realize that all of the fucking power in the world couldn't accomplish some sort of vague goals outside of being the Awesome Messiah who will save the world by virtue of the aura surrounding him solving everything, and not having a backup plan, then he is a fucking idiot. And if he can't handle a legislative setback, then what the fucking hell is he going to do if/when that 3AM call happenss?

And what the fuck is worng with a guy who can't handle failure? Failure, or more precisely, responding to it,  is what made America great. *Cue Battle Hymn of the Republic* Did we fucking quit when problems arose on the Oregon Trail? Did we fucking quit at Valley Forge? Did we fucking quit when banks failed in the past, when crops failed, when rain didn't come? And did we quit when other failures happened?  Did Grant or Sherman quit? Did the Roosevelts quit? Did Lincoln or Grant? Did Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher, Truman, or Andrew fucking Jackson quit? And did Slick Willie quit after a setback?  Fuck and No! They all learned their lessons, and plowed ahead (well, Clinton also plowed an intern or four, but that's another story). Hell, our fucking National Fucking Anthem is based on a fort under attacking not quitting. And no fucking politician worth his or her salt just simply curled up and quit and went away without revising and refocusing their career (see Palin, Sarah), which it appears Obama may be doing.

Shit set alight in the cooler, maybe Hillary was indeed the bigger man in the race after all. She at least knew how to deal with setbacks, humiliations, disappointments, and the like. How fucking sad is it that I just wrote that?

Essh. If Obama is bored already, then what are the next three years going to be like?

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Fair is fair

Here is O'Keefe's statement about the charges against him.

It appears that a.  there was no wiretapping and b.  he was not trying to bug Sen. Landrieu's office. 

He claims that he was simply trying to confirm whether the phones were acting up (my paraphrase) as Landrieu's office was claiming.  I concur in his opinion that the way he did it was less than optimal.  Any business would have security concerns about access to parts of the office, let alone a Senator's office. 

His points about the media reporting on this are well put as well.

I still think what he did was stupid but apparently it was less dumb than previously reported.  Why do I think it was stupid?  Because it should have been obvious that someone was going to call the cops on their asses.  Look, I have as little sympathy for him as I do for any journalist who is breaking the law to get an undercover story and then gets caught.  Hey, you take the risk, you pay the price. 

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January 28, 2010

Ah, censorship.

I don't even know what to say about this.  Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary has lots of words in it - in fact, the main purpose of it is to tell people what words mean when they don't know what a word means.  Now, not everybody likes every word.  Some people, for example, will never appreciate Eddie's gift with the word fuck, which is a real tragedy, because the man's a fucking Picasso.  Other people, apparently, will hate a dictionary because it defines "oral sex":

 The Riverside County district has 9,000 students and pulled the reference book last week after a parent complained about a child stumbling across the oral sex definition. That led to cries of censorship.

 District policy called for setting up a committee to determine if the book was age-appropriate.

 "The dictionary will go back to the classroom but the parents will be given the option to determine if they want their kids to have access to that dictionary," district spokeswoman Betti Cadmus told the Los Angeles Times.

All this booklearnin' is bad fer our kuntree.  Someone gotta stop this afore things git worse.

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Get out your secret racist decoder ring

Apparently, if you've used a word to describe Barack Obama that some Stormfront douchebag also happened to use within the last year or so, you're...wait for it...wait for it...A RAAAAACIST!!!!!

By that standard, this must be the most racist website on the innertubes.


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How jobs in Europe and Asia will fix our economy.

You know what America needs?  More jobs.  Apparently, in Obama's 7 billionth speech last night, he said something about how investing in high-speed rail trains was teh ultimate fix to our broken economy.  Which is funny, since I thought that a health care bill was teh ultimate fix to our broken economy.  Or, wait, was it the stimulus program?  Although I could have sworn there was something about carbon credits in there.  Or maybe it was Hope And Changeâ„¢?  I get all jumbled up sometimes.  The story changes so often, it's no wonder that Teh Won can't keep it straight.  Or a silly little tattooed right-wing extremist tea-bagging blogger.

While Big O was talking about how awesome building trains was going to be (seriously, man?), the AP was deciding that they are kind of done with all this Obama worship.  I know, it's fucking bizarre, but I think we should take what we can here.

 But the jobs to design and make the rail cars and engines, signaling and track for the fastest trains will mainly go abroad to the European and Asian companies because it will take time for the U.S. to develop its own domestic high-speed rail industry, rail experts said. There will be U.S. manufacturing and engineering jobs for slower trains often described as "higher speed" or "midspeed." Much of the domestic high-speed work, however, will be the kind of construction and earth-moving work typical of highway projects, they said.

 European and Asian high-speed trains average over 110 mph and some reach top speeds of around 220 mph. There is nothing equivalent in the United States. Indeed, most of the grants announced by the White House Thursday will go to rail projects that aren't in the same league as the fast trains being built elsewhere.

 For the U.S. to decide to build high-speed train systems using primarily U.S. companies, "would be like Bangladesh deciding they want to have a space program and only use technology they have developed and manufactured themselves," said Anthony Perl, chairman of the National Research Council's intercity rail panel.

 The technology gap between true high-speed trains and the slower trains in use in the United States is equivalent to the gap between the planes flown by World War I flying aces and today's jets, said Perl, an American who teaches transportation policy at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

 Some of the equipment purchased for high-speed rail like train cars might be manufactured abroad and the parts bolted together in assembly facilities in the U.S., he said.

 "There will be some jobs that come out of it, but unless people are prepared to double the cost and take at least twice as much time to ramp up the capacity to supply this high-speed technology in the U.S., it's not there," Perl said.

Good, solid B+, my friends.  Solid B+.

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The Clothes Have No Emperor

I'm not sure if that's p-shopped or not.
Via the fine Reverend Right, don't tell FrnakJ I didn't link this at IMAO.

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UAW union scum FAIL

I could watch this a hundred times,

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Andrew Sullivan Is Stupid

Well, at least the people he quotes (Begala) are but the quote is an unspoken endorsement in this case:

I am convinced that Democrats lost the Congress in 1994 because we failed to pass health care. And yet today many Democrats are worried that they will lose the Congress if they pass health care. They are wrong.

What the fuck are you talking about?  You mean to tell me that the only reason the Republicans obliterated the Democrats in 1994 is because they didn't pass their wildly unpopular healthcare bill? 

You need a fucking helmet.

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The Convergence Of Stupid & California (BIRM)

What the fuck? Seriosuly, what the fuck is this shit? Fuck it with a tire gauge. Are they fucking trying to kill every business in that state?

CARB is proposing to require every repair dealer to check the inflation of every tire during repair to improve mpg for all vehicles which, in theory, is meritorious.

However (the) regs. CARB’s pushing through (released this week and subject to a 15 day comment period) ... provides that the only times that consumers may decline a check and inflate service—they can never decline the service if it’s offered for free—is when they are charged for services AND if they can PROVE (with DOCUMENTATION!) that they’ve had their tires checked and inflated in the last 30 days, or if they WILL do so within the next week. It is unclear, but possible, that CARB could take enforcement action against the consumer if they don’t follow through with their promise?!

Note that even the Department of Consumer Affairs opposed the last draft of these rules—letter attached (and I’m guessing these amendments won’t remove their opposition). CARB’s not messing around with these either—the potential penalty for violating the regulation is at least up to $1,000 per violation and six months imprisonment. The enforcement section referred to by CARB states that a violation of the regulation shall be “deemed to result in an emission of air contaminants,” potentially leading to even harsher penalties.


I don;t fucking care that this law is still in draft status. It should be killed immediately.

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I Need To Buy More Thank You Cards

Thank you, Roy Blunt. Thank you for pointing out that Obama resembles the Chicago Cubs not only for his "wait until next year" mindset, but also in his fecklessness.

Thank you to The Hip Prez. I want to thank him for helping convince the American Voters that he is a clueless empty suit. I also want to thank him for being so self-absorbed, he makes it easy for people to mock him.

I want to thank Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman for validating my hypothesis that the quantity of Stupidity in the world is as infinite as the stars in the sky.

And I want to thank Madame Speaker for refusing to heed the will of the people, choosing instead to continue to push her party over the cliff.

Oh well. Take care folks. I may be out for a while today.


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Am I right?

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