August 30, 2009

Presented without context

And, yes, there is actually context but it really doesn't matter

Some day I will once again provide content.  Today is not that day. 

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Profit is theft

In a WaPo op-ed by a couple of liberal pointy-heads that urges Obama to tack left (more so, I mean) and encourages the Axelturfers to get out there and annoy their friends and neighbors about ObamaCare and the rest of the left's dream agenda, I noticed an Obama quote that I don't think I'd seen before:

Throughout the campaign, Obama cautioned that enacting his ambitious plans would take a fight. In a speech in Milwaukee, he said: "I know how hard it will be to bring about change. Exxon Mobil made $11 billion this past quarter. They don't want to give up their profits easily."
Um, what? Since when is a business supposed to "give up" their profits? And just who, Comrade Obama, are they supposed to be giving that money to? Furthermore, if they're not going to cough up the cash "easily," what are you gonna do about it?

The scary thing is that there are three more years during which we might have those questions answered loud and clear.

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What's Right With Wisconsin!

Make sure you go to Iowahawk's and read about a favored son of Wisconsin, a member of their "royalty" so to speak.
A taste
Snitker succumbed to an exploding liver Tuesday evening during a late model modified heat at La Crosse Speedway's $1 Jagermeister night.
...snip...(some highlights of his life)
The argument won over most of the La Crosse media, and it appeared he was a shoe-in for the job (presidency of Tri-County Welding Supply V) until the evening of December 20, 1981, a night which remains shrouded in mystery and controversy. At a private "no wives" Christmas party attended by Snitker and five stockroom girls from Tri-County, Snitker and Rhonda Lee Reinke, 24, left on his Arctic Cat for what witnesses say was a moonlight cow-tipping tryst. 45 minutes later Snitker arrived at Duegger's Taproom without Reinke. On Christmas morning, Snitker phoned the La Crosse sherriff's department to report that, "oh yeah, I think Rhonda fell in the curd tank at the old dairy plant on Highway KR. Hurry please, help help."
Snitker received some criticism after sources leaked his secret 1996 letter to Chicago Bears head coach Dave Wannstadt, offering to sabotage Packer QB Brett Favre's jock strap for "two kegs of Point."

A flawed life and yet, he did so much for the commun...nay, the world, that a few cheesings, DUIs and collusion with Da Bears cannot be allowed to overshadow it.

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Harry Reid: Man Of The People

Aha! Dingy Harry finally found a job he doesn't want to "save or create".

On Wednesday, before he addressed a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Reid joined the chamber's board members for a meet-'n'-greet and a photo. One of the last in line was the Review-Journal's director of advertising, Bob Brown, a hard-working Nevadan who toils every day on behalf of advertisers. He has nothing to do with news coverage or the opinion pages of the Review-Journal.

Yet, as Bob shook hands with our senior U.S. senator in what should have been nothing but a gracious business setting, Reid said: "I hope you go out of business."

Later, in his public speech, Reid said he wanted to let everyone know that he wants the Review-Journal to continue selling advertising because the Las Vegas Sun is delivered inside the Review-Journal.

Such behavior cannot go unchallenged.

Exactly. These fucksticks need to be taken down a peg or five. They fucking think they are untouchable and can do what they want? Fuck that shit. Fuck it with a tube sock stuffed with billiard balls. We send you ass clowns to Washington to represent us, and this is what you have in response? Threaten a businessman?

I hope those polls which show you losing in 2010 are correct, Harry, because you need to be fucking taught a lesson. I hope your margin of defeat is wider than the collective sphincters at Media Matters after a Saturday Night Dance Party so that ACORN can't save your smarmy ass.

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A pattern?

So in our previous episode, we have Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. threatening to arrest a protestor because Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr and his unnamed accomplice didn't like the picture on his sign.
Now, we have a realio, trulio police officer removing a protestor because a congress-critter told him to.
Not because of any laws broken, but because he had the bad manners to point out that his congress-critter had bused supporters in.

Removed because a congress-critter didn't like his question. He was being no more disruptive than anybody else there and yet, he was removed.

We can't let what happened in Britain happen here, we need to nip this in the bud. They can't use the power of the state to shut us up, we have to expose this and make sure people like congress-critter Carol Shea-Porter are sent back to the jobs they're qualified for such as Starbucks baristas.

Yeah, I saw it the same place you did, Hot Air.

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Commie Chic

Does anybody else thinks it's kinda creepy/weird/ignorantly-stupid that there's a crew called "KGB" who claim to know everything and are using it for capitalist purposes?

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What's the opposite of "Great"?

I needed this, it's about funny.
In Britain, if you leave your car unlocked, the cops are stealing your stuff to teach you a lesson.
In most places, according to the article, they send you a letter telling you to lock your car, in Twittenham...errr... Twickenham, they're taking your stuff and leaving a letter to tell you to come to the police station to retrieve it.

I assume they make you stand in the corner and go to bed without dinner too.

If you just leave your car unlocked or leave valuables visible in a locked car, they send you a warning letter.
My favorite quote
We have had a bit problem with thefts from cars, so we decided to be a bit more innovative," said Superintendent Jim Davis, the officer behind the initiative.
Cuz catching criminals is hard. It's so much safer and easier to deal with law-abiding people.

I gotta tell you, if this happened here, I wouldn't go to the police station to get my stuff, I would go to court and charge them with theft.

If they started doing it and I heard about it before it got to me, I would try to rig up a bag like they give bank robbers, where when you open it you get a blast of paint in the face.

What would be more fun than saying, "Hey, it's my property, I didn't tell you to go in my car" to some blue-faced nanny/cop?

They've gone back to being serfs. The laird of the land is telling them what to do and they're meekly doing it.
H/T The Agitator

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August 29, 2009

Attention Moron photographers!

Official Bacon Photo Contest! Prizes bacon!

(Via Heh, indeed.)

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Attention! Attention! Important programming alert!

Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus is on SciFi (don't even mention that idiotic new name) tonight at 9. I repeat - Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus is on SciFi tonight.

For those of you who don't know why this is so wonderful, behold the trailer.

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Charity Drive

I think we should start a fund to hire an assassin to kill the Lockerbie bomber.

Great idea? 


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Coke might wanna rethink their advertising


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Leftists Go All "Meh" Yet Again Over Obama's Policies

Almost on cue, in reaction to this story from yesterday about Obama being given the right to shut down the Internet in "an emergency", Media Matters comes in and erects the wall of silence with this piece of arrogant snark.

Seriously, fuck you with yesterday's rancid bean dip. This is just another attempt of you and your side to blow off an Obama overreach or policy stance with a "meh" attitude. At least try to spin or defend it, you fucking cowards.

From 2001-1-20-09, this article would have been greeted with cries of "creeping fascism" from Chimpymcbushitlerhaliburton. Now, you give it a "meh".

Good to know.

Kinda like the "meh" you gave when Obama ate ice cream while the Baiji were killing pro-freedom people in Iran, contrasted to the "now watch this drive" quip of W you looped for five years straight.

Kinda like the "meh" you gave when Obama is trying to prop up a Marxist thug in Honduras, contrasted to the "Oh Noes! Cowboy Diplomacy!" from 2001-1-20-09.

I could go on, but you get the point. You fucksticks are a disgrace. Are you that afraid to be on record defending a policy stance by your side, that you would rather blow it off and hope it goes away? If so, that is really fucking sad.

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Retired Lieutenant General Honoré considering primary run against David Vitter

As is noted by the article, all he's gonna have to do is say "Stuck on Stupid" and Vitter's done for.  Honoré and the soldiers under his command were about the only government agency that showed any competence at all in the aftermath of Katrina.  I'll be curious to see where he stands on the issues.  His competence as a leader isn't something I'm prepared to question.  If he's a solid conservative, this could be a very good development.

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It ain't America no more.

Updated twice thrice
So says Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr.

These fine police officers explain how you don't have free speech if your sign has a picture and you can be charged with anything Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. feels like charging you with.

Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. and his accomplice in crime (they didn't name the other officer who explained you don't have free speech when on school grounds) should not be in uniform, in my opinion. Well, non-prisoner uniforms anyway, I think they should be in prisoner uniforms. .

Abusing the power of the state to shut people up unConstitutionally should not be.
It happened in Virginia at my congresscritter's townhall, Jim Moran, which makes me even madder. This stuff is supposed to happen in North Korea, China and Massachussetts, not Virginia.

H/T Pappa Ray in the comments and Gateway Pundit
(edited to change "prison" to "prisoner" for clarity)

Updated with email page for the Reston police station commander in case you want to find out what they're going to do to Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. and his unnamed accomplice. I know I do.

Second update
It wasn't clear, but I gather Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. is possibly a school security guard.
So was he impersonating a police officer by threatening arrest? Can a high school security guard arrest people?
I know some colleges' security forces can detain you for arrest, but this guy threatened arrest.
Looking around, it appears that Fairfax County Police have some school program.
Email for the coordinator of the South Lakes HS program is
Perhaps Scott Bacon might have some insights as to what will happen to Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. and his unnamed accomplice who smugly assured Americans they have no free speech rights because they're on school grounds.

Update the third
I heard back from the Fairfax County police, they said he's not a cop but a school security guard and he said he was replying to hundreds of emails this morning. My reply is below the fold

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August 28, 2009

I'm pretty sure this is racist, somehow

I mean, between the fact that it's a white guy singing a parody of a signature Sammy Davis tune and TEH DOG WHISTLE!!!1!1!!one!!!eleventy!! references to Obama (i.e. "The Government"), well, you can see the subtle subtext...


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Click On The Ads

I was just over at Ace's place and he's got some big new ads up and I thought, "I should click on these and hopefully give Ace a penny or two."

Really, I love the blog and the least I can do is spend 3 seconds clicking on the links.  If we want the e-journalism thing to actually work somebody is going to have to pay the bills.  Might as well be three seconds of ad clicks.

Or I'm crazy.  But at least these aren't porn sites or warez sites.

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Not Wisconsin again.

I hate to be pushy, but I think we really need a "WTF is wrong with Wisconsin?" category.
I thought you had to be a Clinton to have balls this big. (both sides, read on)
A battle is brewing over the fate of 66 roosters, hens and chicks seized in June from the Madison home of a man suspected of running cock fights.
In court papers filed last week, the attorney for Jorge Iglesias alleged that the birds are being mistreated at the Dane County Humane Society, where they have been kept...

He's suing the Humane Society for mistreating his fighting cocks.
The allegations
...the roosters and hens are confined to tiny cages that are dirty and covered in excrement. Many are being kept in rat-infested areas, he wrote, and about 18 chicks that were seized have been killed and eaten by the rats. One hen and five roosters have also died from other causes.They were missing and presumed eaten.

I may have added that part at the end.

But wait, it's Wisconsin, so they need to go that one step farther.
The Health Department is also asking that Iglesias pay the cost of keeping the birds at the Humane Society, which was $36,615 as of Aug. 21.

They want $36 grand to house a bunch of chickens for 2 1/2 months.

It's funny how often I'm against both sides in a dispute.

H/T Say Uncle

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What recourse?

You've seen the story, it's a sidebar and a post at Ace's.

So the investigation into Richardson was "killed in Washington".

Okay, so is this fucking America or what? How can he totally subvert the rule of law in 8 months? Isn't there a body not controlled by Obama that can do something about  this?

I only mess with law talking folks, I don't know any laws except the few I use.
So isn't there some way somebody in New Mexico can bring suit? If not them, then who has "standing"? What is the "controlling legal authority"?

The Founding Fathers were smart guys and had possibly a lower opinion of people than I do (and that's saying something), it was certainly at least as bleak.
So I find it hard to believe they didn't plan for just such an occurrence.

If the GOP wants to get some street cred, trying to stop Obama running roughshod over the law would be a good start.
For probably the first time in my life, I'm saying this to politicians:

Don't just stand there. Do something!

Oh, and fuck Minitru for allowing this to happen while keeping quiet.
They're collaborationist scum abusing their rights and I can't say how low my opinion of them is.
Oh, and sorry for knocking the Maserati off the top. Scroll down, it's still there.

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Excellence in childrearing

Transparent so they can't tell you've bound up the kids and taped their mouths shut until they get really really close.

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Since y'all love (and despair) me

You could prove it by getting me this:

The Rack and I would look awesome in that. 

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