May 28, 2009

Every part of him is bigger

So this is unsurprising.

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Polls and Persuasion

I once got into a loooong debate with a very good friend and coworker about abortion as it pertained to politics.  I argued (and still say) that it was counterproductive politically and pragmatically to support banning abortion even if you thought it was murder because, as Ace often says, it isn't an argument based on logic and cannot be 'won.'  I said the best way to approach it was to target the people actually making the decision to get abortions and convince them not to.  I argued that persuasion would be far more effective at lowering the number of abortions than persecution.

Similarly, I have argued with several absolutists in the gay marriage debate that their all or nothing approach would be counterproductive and only postpone something that, at least to me, seems demographically inevitable.  I argued that the only way gay marriage wouldn't become the law of the land is if the advocates were sufficiently belligerent to convince people they must be wrong.

Two recent polls seem to support my arguments.  One shows an amazing increase in people that identify themselves as Pro-Choice while the other shows a severe decline in national support for gay marriage.  As Instapundit notes:

I think the behavior of those arguing for gay marriage has as much to do with the polls.

Exactly right.  Since, as Ace has stated* before, these two arguments run fundamentally on an emotional level it stands to reason that the general likability of the combantants has as much to do with people's opinions as their arguments.  Probably vastly moreso.  People see violent gay marriage protests and offensive, racist behavior and they are emotionally turned away from the cause as well as the few moronic actors. 

Similarly, the general turn in the Pro-Life community from being simply anti-abortion to a more evolved, actual pro-life stance has obviously yielded amazing results.  Telling someone they shouldn't get an abortion because you will love your child is far more effective than telling them they don't even have a choice. 

In the end, the merits of all these arguments have never been able to convince me one way or the other.  On abortion I'm pro-choice provided that society's position is one of strong lobbying for life.  In other words, I think women should have a choice but that choice should pretty much always be life. 

On the gay marriage thing, I just wish this moronically out of proportion debate would go away.  It distracts us from far more important things that we should actually be worried about.

* - I can't find the link right now but I'll try to later (or one of you could find that long piece...)

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Does it come with the trashed Ferrari?

Cameron's house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off is for sale.  (h/t)

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This quote may have been altered, slightly

"I think that the only reason Anita Sotomayor is on the Court is because she is Latina. I don't believe she could have won had she been white. And the reason is, I think it was a cynical ploy by President Obama."
Scroll down toward the end here, where the heading reads " IS ______ ON THE COURT ONLY BECAUSE __ IS _____?"

I'm sure you may have guessed what this is all about, but it's somewhat interesting to note how the views of certain people may have, erm, evolved over the course of a couple of decades. As the situation dictates, of course.

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May 27, 2009

Want to know why Philly is a crime-ridden hellhole?

Here you go.  I could never be a Philly police officer like our friend Wyatt.  I'd be retired with severe brain damage within a week from pounding my head on my desk or dashboard dealing with this sort of weapons grade stupidity.

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First Amendment rights denied on Pennsylvania college campus

Christine Brashier is a student at the Community College of Allegheny County, and was working to put together a chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.  SCCC argues that students that have been granted carry permits by the state should be allowed to carry on campus. 

The school has threatened disciplinary action if Brashier continues to promote SCCC or concealed carry.  The college administration interrogated her, demanding to know if she'd carried on campus (she hadn't), or if she'd carried outside of campus.  So much for privacy, eh?


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Excuse me...

...if this rings just a little bit hollow:

“If there is the perception that somehow she is being treated unfairly or they are distorting her record or comments, I think there will be a backlash in the Latino community,” said Janet Murguía, president of the National Council of La Raza. “All we want is for the process to be respectful and fair. There could be great resentment within the Latino community if it is seen somehow that she is not being treated with the respect due to a Supreme Court nominee.”
Right. Because you were right there to defend Alberto Gonzalez, the nation's first Latino Attorney General, from criticism from the left. You know, because of the respect he deserved. Oh, and when Bush nominated Miguel Estrada to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and memos to Dick Durbin mentioned that "liberal interest groups' desire to keep Estrada off the court because his Latino heritage made him 'especially dangerous' as a potential future Supreme Court nominee," I'm sure you were just outraged.


Note also the language about people being "exceedingly careful" about the way they discuss this subject. Even Politico made the connection about the screeching Ari Fleischer provoked when he made a similar remark after 9/11. Will we hear similar screams about fascism descending upon the Republic?

Again, yeah.

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Beyond the pale

I've had my beefs with Allhpundit in the past, but HotAir does not deserve to be smeared by O'Reilly.  Here is a screenshot from tonight's Policing the Net segment, via The Right Scoop:

Unbelievable.  He used a comment from the site, tagged it as a blog posting, and used it to smear HotAir.

Since it will make me feel better, here is Mark Levin trashing O'Reilly's support for the bailouts.

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TOTUS gets blown - Biden digs it

Enjoy your vice-presidential comic relief.

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Is the Administration targeting GOP donors that own Chrysler dealerships?

If this does end up being true, it's going to cause major instability in the economy, and in the whole of society.  You can't forcefully shut down the private businesses of your political opposition like this, it's fascism.

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"High Ranking" Al-Qaida Operative Arrested In Brazil?


The suspect is allegedly a chief of international communications for al Qaeda, according to the report in Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil's largest daily newspaper.

The report did not give the suspect's name or say when he was taken into custody, nor did it provide a source for the information.

The arrest was surrounded by secrecy with the federal police disguising it as part of an investigation into neo-Nazi groups in the country, Folha said. The report also said U.S. authorities were notified of the arrest.

A federal police spokesman in Sao Paulo declined to comment, as did a spokeswoman at the Justice Ministry in Brasilia, the capital.

Good to see Glenn Greenwald can blog AND fight terror at the same time.

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Us Hobo Hunting Morons Now Have Competition

Why couldn't this bear just stuck to buggering Boo-Boo and hunting for pic-a-nick baskets?

Officer Josiah Towne told the Keene Sentinel the bear tore open the man's tent near Route 101 Tuesday morning and began eating raisins and other food. The man tried to fight off the bear with a shovel but ended up getting chased through the woods.

The Fish and Game officer later chased the bear into the woods. Police say the bear had been spotted earlier rummaging through bird feeders and trash cans in downtown Keene.

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Yay! 11% Agree With Me!

Good to fucking know that my fucking gutter dialect and fucking distaste for common fucking decency may have at least 11% support.

Except For these fucking cockholsters.

Though 40 percent of business owners in a survey admitted swearing on the job, 80 percent said it is out of place at work and gives the wrong impression. Only 11 percent saw it as a justified pressure valve or morale booster.

Fuck you, you fucking jagoff. I'll stick with the people who agree with me, fuck you very much.

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We Have Heard About People Not Being Able To Handle Getting Dumped, But This Is Crazy

Wow. Just wow.

When Alik started moving out Kira suggested that they had a farewell dinner. After a hearty meal and some heavy drinking Alik fell asleep. The girlfriend tied several firecrackers to Alik’s penis and exploded them. The man was rushed to intensive care and doctors are reported to be fighting for his life.

Here is the lesson: don't have a series of drinks with a woman upset at you dumping her. Just sayin'.

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Moron of the Day: Wedding toasted

Boy, I sure hope that the blushing bride didn't make him wait until the honeymoon:

A Taiwanese groom died on his wedding day after having too much wine and beer to drink, police and local media said Monday.

The man, 35, an insurance company worker surnamed Wu passed out at home after drinking too much Saturday at a high-end restaurant in Taipei among more than 100 wedding guests, the Liberty Times reported.


Wu was hospitalized after his face turned black, the paper said. A hospital spokeswoman said he died despite treatment.

Ah, aren't weddings just magical? I tell you, I always get all misty-eyed. Especially when a member of the wedding party croaks.

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Get Rich Cheating!

I know the website where this video originated is fairly liberal, but it still is funny.

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May 26, 2009

Fascism averted?

Texas Dems may score a win over the eeeeevil Rethuglicans in the state legislature who are looking to shred the Constitution and trample all over the rights of the people:

"We successfully stood up for people's voting rights and have shown that we're not going to be bullied into suppressing people's votes," [Rep. Jim] Dunnam said.
Click here to find out what awful, horrible scheme the nefarious Repukes were trying to pull off.

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Mr. T+Anything=Win!!

Finally, the Cubs did something right.

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Miracles can happen!

David Brooks is actually being a sarcastic bitch about Pres. Obama.

No wonder it's so cold here today, what with Hell freezing over and all.

Really, go, read, enjoy in the .0234329 seconds before Brooks goes back to bashing Ye Olde Bitter Clingers.

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New Buffy film in the works

The Kuzuis are trying to put together a new Buffy movie.  Whedon is not yet involved, and may not be.

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