April 28, 2009

Obama Voters Prove Yet Again How Stupid They Are

This story can probably be repeated throughout this great land, but I saw this on STL TV last night.

Apparently, some dipshits have been buying up "commemorative" Obama coins to celebrate the era of Hope And Change. Predictably, these folks are being taken for a ride by scam artists.

Independent mints around the country began offering so called official commemorative coins before the president was sworn into office.

Sheila Forrest jumped at the chance to be one of the first to own an exclusive limited edition Obama coin.

Forrest explained, "We thought we had to have it like everybody else it was exciting so we wanted a piece of history."

Forrest's family has owned Afro World in Normandy for 39 years. She now sells all sorts of Obama souvenirs. But she thought the coins were an investment.

"This is it, and I'm quite disappointed of course, it wasn't what we expected to have received," explained Forrest.

Clay Teague is a money expert. He's not the kind that analyzes the Dow. But rather he's a numismatist, specializing in coins and currency at Scotsman Coin and Currency in Creve Coeur

Teague said, "It does seem like it's a scam." I would advise folks to stay away from it. If they want to get into something go to the U. S. Mint's website or research on their own but look into something that might actually have some value to it."

Forrest paid more than $35 for the coins with shipping and handling.

Normally, I would feel bad for people getting scammed, but not this time.

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yeah I've got nothing substantive to say

So haz shoes.

I have just the crop pants to wear with those.

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McCain's poodle yipping about Benedict Arlen's defection

What a tool,

"I don't want to be a member of the Club for Growth,” said Graham. “I want to be a member of a vibrant national Republican party that can attract people from all corners of the country — and we can govern the country from a center-right perspective.”

“As Republicans, we got a problem,” he said.

Yeah, it's the called the GOP leadership.

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One of these things is not like the others

What was that again about the whole "painstaking layers of editorial fact-checking" thing with the MSM?

A seemingly minor Texas dispute that began over moving a voting site from a garage to an elementary school will be argued before the Supreme Court on Wednesday - with the potential to overturn a core piece of the Voting Rights Act that protects minority voters.

The so-called "guts" of the law, Section 5, requires Justice Department pre-clearance of voting plans in nine Southern states - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia - and portions of seven other states.

Um, I suppose you could make the argument that Arizona, while not traditionally part of "The South" is at least in the southern part of the country, but Alaska? Yeah.

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Quote of the Day

Question: Better for the GOP to be a small, solidly conservative party with no power at all? If so, isn't this religion, not politics?

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You don't fucking say!

In Bloomberg Archipelago, crimes in which firearms are used has dropped, meanwhile, crime with knives is way up and makes up what dropped in crimes with firearms.  I can't wait for Nanny Bloomberg to start agitating for bans on kitchen knives.

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Lawyers? We don't need no steenkin lawyers.

Not if Obama has anything to say about it, anyway.

The Michigan vs Jackson ruling in 1986 established that, if a defendants have a lawyer or have asked for one to be present, police may not interview them until the lawyer is present.

Any such questioning cannot be used in court even if the suspect agrees to waive his right to a lawyer because he would have made that decision without legal counsel, said the Supreme Court.

However, in a current case that seeks to change the law, the US Justice Department argues that the existing rule is unnecessary and outdated.

The sixth amendment of the US constitution protects the right of criminal suspects to be "represented by counsel", but the Obama regime argues that this merely means to "protect the adversary process" in a criminal trial.
Updated to add link. Sorry for the loose shit.

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Benedict Arlen comes out of the closet

He finally admits what we all knew, he's making it official.  Adios.  He is of course doing this because Toomey would have stomped him in the primary, and he wouldn't make it as an independent, he needs some party infrastructure to save his ass, so this was his last option, or you know, he could have retired with dignity.

BTW, Pat Toomey probably has a clear path to take the primary now, which is good, but even then he's going to need a lot of help if he's going to beat Benedict Arlen or whoever ends up as his opposition.

And of course the dumbass GOP leadership had no fucking clue this was coming.

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Taliban taking over Pakistan? No big deal, right?

Really, should be no big deal.

Unless you decide to commit adultery. If the graphic content warning at the beginning of the video isn't enough, here's a graphic content warning for you.

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Billy Mays Here

Those that know how I'm feeling lately will especially appreciate the woman's line at the end.

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Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA)

There's word the switch is finally happening today.

Big heaping grains of salt required, of course.

Update: I've taken away the "grain of salt," as the DC rumor mill has told me this about 3-4 times since the post.

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We get it, already

Yeah, yeah, you're an atheist. You've managed to make that pretty clear. Now, why don't you shut the fuck up about that fact for at least a couple of days?  M'kay?

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I Know The Nationals Are A Terrible Team, But This Is Ridiculous

C'mon, is it too hard to know how to speel the name "Nationals"?

In a way, this kinda makes sense: DC is fucked up and the team sucks worse than Perez Hilton when the rent is due, so why not go for the Gold Medal of Fail?

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April 27, 2009

This one's for alex

Below the fold for a reason.  And not because of spidery clowns or clowny spiders.  Via IWatchStuff.

Yeah, I'm having a useless blogging evening. 


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Of course it can

New Viagra substitute can be ingested by rubbing it into the skin. 

Which skin is unspecified, other than referring to it as a 'problem area'.

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Perfesser Hillary

Hillary Clinton has an impressive resume. Former First Lady, former Senator from New York, current Secretary of State. And somehow, in the midst of all that, she managed to become a Climatologist:

"The science [of global warming] is unambiguous and the logic that flows from it is inescapable," Clinton said.

"Climate change is a clear and present danger to our world that demands immediate attention. Facts on the ground are outstripping worse-case scenario models that were developed only a few years ago."
I'm sorry to interrupt Dr. Clinton here, but I'd just like to mention at this point that it's a balmy 66 degrees and slightly cloudy here today. Although it did get pretty hot here last week, and my air conditioner crapped out...OH MY GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

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CDC Warns on Risk to Journalists

The CDC today reissued a public health warning to all journalists and media personnel to remind them of the dangers posed by "White Throat", which has now reached Epidemic status owing to the thousandth reported case.  The disease has been spreading since February 2008, although health officials had hoped that its recent remission since November of last year meant it had been stamped out completely.
The condition affects primarily journalists (both online and print) and pundits working in television, with few reported cases in radio broadcasters.  It is characterized by the viscous, white, mucousy discharge which can clog the afflicted person's airways. 
The latest victim of the disease was online political analyst and social trends expert Sam Fulwood III.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that only prompt intervention by White Throat treatment expert Dr. Jenna Jameson saved him from having serious injuries.
Jameson said that in most cases, swallowing is the only known method to "restore the integrity of the air passage."  She said the condition occurs when the substance arrives without warning, catching the victim off-guard, and is typically caused by "a lack of respect and common courtesy between like-thinking individuals."
Like most victims of White Throat, Fulwood III is expected to make a full recovery, although experts fear he may suffer the condition's after effects, which can include depression, increased taxation, and feelings of betrayal, with some constipation also possible.  Cognitive dissonance often lasts for three to five months after an attack as well, though this usually fades over time.
Noted sufferers of White Throat include political writer Christopher Buckley and TV icon Chris Matthews, who has had well-publicized battle with the disease almost daily for the past year.

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When Obama Goes Golfing, Will The Media Fight Over Who Gets To Pick Up His Used Tees And Gloves?

Just a thought.

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Yeah, fuck you Conde Nast. Fuck you. I hope you choke on the taste of your own fucking fail.

Reflecting problems the magazine sometimes had with staying on topic amidst the biggest financial story in years, the same issue carried Alaska governor and former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on its cover.

Again, fuck you, fucking losers.

On a marginally related note, I took my daughter to some play area this weekend, and the computer for the grownups wouldn't allow me to access DPUD, claiming that it violated "profanity", "crude and sexual references", and references to pure bacon awesomeness*. I wonder why.

*I may have made the bacon part up. The blocking actually did happen. Fucking fuckfaces.

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Discuss among yourselves

I've been trying to plan a post around the iPhone Baby Shaker app, but haven't been terribly successful, so let's just consider this the latest post where you'll have the opportunity to bash people who use the wrong type of computer/operating system/phone/music device.  In case you're wondering who I might be referring to using the wrong kind of device, yep, it's YOU.  Get your persecution complex on.

Here's a little reminder that electronic child abuse has a long and proud Internet history.

And if that doesn't suit your tastes, here's a chance to club hippies and baby seals.

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