September 16, 2008

No Thanks, I'd Rather Wear Joe Biden's Rug

Looks as though some ladies in Britain went in to receive treatment for hair loss and received a little something extra from the doctor for their efforts.

Ms Franklin, of Windsor, Berkshire, said: 'He began to massage my shoulders and slowly his hand crept down until he had a full hold of my breast. Then he ripped off his coat and stripped naked.

'He pushed my face into his genitals and made a disgusting comment about seeking satisfaction,' she said.

'I was terrified but I knew I couldn't confront him because the door was locked, there was no one around.'

When Ms Franklin tried to escape, she said Mankoo grabbed her face and tried to drag her head down.

'There was a point where I thought he was going to strangle me because he had his hands around my throat.'

He finally let Ms Franklin go, but the ordeal was not quite over.

As she hurriedly put her clothes back and made for the exit, Mankoo asked for payment, and said she needed to be booked in for another appointment.

'I couldn't believe it, but I nonchalantly paid up as though it was the most normal thing in the world.'

Ms Franklin said when Mankoo was cautioned by police 10 years ago, she thought it would be the end of it.

'I couldn't believe it when I heard that he had continued to prey on innocent clients.

'Looking back I wish I had spoken publicly about it when it happened and maybe he could have been stopped earlier.'

The court heard that Mankoo of Thame, Berkshire, would tell women to strip to their underwear to avoid getting massage oil on their clothes.

He would then rub their scalp, neck and shoulders, and reach around to touch their breasts.

One woman told how Mankoo had removed her bra and also massaged her thighs and feet.

Keeping her eyes tightly shut during the experience, out of fear, she opened them to see Mankoo dressed only in his boxer shorts.

Another woman said he had told her that her boyfriend could not help her and that he would be her 'knight in shining armour', to whom she should look to for strength.

Mankoo asked another victim if she would like to meet his 'little friend'.

The victim told the court that she even resorted to telling Mankoo she had been sexually abused as a child to try and fend off his advances.

Yup. I would rather wear a rug or a hat than have to endure shit like that.


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