August 30, 2010

Is it Ace KIng or Larry Ace?

Ace, of course, is Moron of the Day every day and most of you already read him, but just in case....
He interviewed the guy who directed some of the most entertaining web campaign ads we've seen in the last year or so.
It's long but it's pretty good.
Yes, they are sticking money and emotion into folks in CA like Meg Whitman, who is running because Romney wants her to run for VP, assuming he can somehow get the nomination. So this is stupid. She's got money. Why give her more? There are 63 f*&^%ckin' districts in CA for congress.
And every damned one of the current dems holding those seats is a joke. And ripe for making fun of, beating the crap out of.

He sounds like a tea partier and he's doing something about it.

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August 17, 2010

Please tell me alcohol was involved

I know it's not nice to poke fun at the dead, but there are so many wrong things with this situation.  Let's see...

  1. Gal is talking on her cell phone while she's lost instead of focusing on where she's going.
  2. Gal stops long enough to realize she can't see where she's going, then proceeds anyway.
  3. Gal instructs her daughter to call the insurance company because the car's filling up with water instead of instructing her daughter to call 911.
Did I miss anything?

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August 11, 2010

I foresee rage from an internet group

"His phone number isn't listed" just sounds like a challenge.

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August 06, 2010

And this is supposed to be the Master Race

Those idjits who named their son Adolf Hitler, Joycelynn Aryan Nation, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie have finally lost custody of what I'm sure will grow up to be happy contributing members of society.  And the state didn't even have to include the children's names in the court documents to make it happen. 

Heath Campbell, 37, cannot read and Deborah Campbell dropped out of high school before finishing the 10th grade, according to court records.

In its ruling, the panel found the parents "recklessly created a risk of serious injury to their children by failing to protect the children from harm and failing to acknowledge and treat their disabilities."

The judges considered a typo-riddled note signed by Deborah Campbell and given to a neighbor. In it, Campbell says that if she were found dead, her husband was to blame.

"Hes thrend to have me killed or kill me himself hes alread tried it a few times. Im afread that he might hurt my children if they are keeped in his care. He teaches my son how to kill someone at the age of 3," the letter read in part.

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August 04, 2010

Warcraft Geeks Meet Bollywood

Disclaimer: if you watch this video no refunds of the 3:50 minutes of your life will be forthcoming.


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