February 24, 2010

Are we going to have to start a new category for WTF is Wrong With Philly?

"We only fingerprinted his left hand," he said.

Rant from the blogfather in 5...4...3...

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February 18, 2010

Moron of the Day: Not Dead. Just Busy.

Yeah, I'm the moron of the day.  Again.

See, I apparently thought it was a good idea to consistently take on more (mostly non-paying) projects in the second half of last year and here I am paying for it.  Throw in my 30th birthday, daughter raising and actual paying work and I'm busier than a teleprompter repair man after an EMP in Washington D.C. 

As the political campaigns start to warm up in Wisconsin and Illinois I'll be more engaged as I have some inside people in Illinois' governor race and much to say about Wisconsin politics as we get closer to the middle of the year.

On a side note, anybody any good at sprite drawing/animation?  I have a super secret personal project that is nearing a stage where it will need some pretty pictures.

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February 10, 2010

atc FTW!

So I was opining about how the IOC needs a good global worming protest to get some snow on the mountains.
atc(ISIAC) said, "The obvious answer is to hold them in DC."
Sure, we all laughed at her, but who's laughing now?
In talking about DC's problem with getting rid of snow
Neighboring counties have started work on their own snow mountains at sites around the capital. Because of their size, the mountains will likely freeze and stick around long after the rest of the snow melts.

There are snow mountains all over the place, I was going to get a pic of the one under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, but it's most of a mile away and the walkway isn't shoveled and I don't have snowshoes.
Click the link for one mountain range dwarfing a tractor trailer.

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