July 10, 2008

Moron(s) of the Day: Please Taze Me Bro!

From my home town, we have some real Moron Lifestyle overachievers:

WAUKESHA — A Wisconsin man who posted a video online showing him and his father shocking each other with a stolen stun gun has been sent to prison.

Paul Crowell pleaded guilty to possession of an electric weapon and was sentenced June 20 to two years.

Documents say he stole a Taser from an East Troy police officer. He got it while sitting in a patrol car after his vehicle was found in a ditch.

And why was his vehicle in a ditch? The article doesn't say but, being a neighbor, I can venture a guess. Hint: It may have something to do with Val-U-Rite vodka.

Now, I know you're all wondering if I'm the person awaiting trial.  All I can say is, if I stop posting in August, you've got your answer. 

Anyway, the real point of this story is how fucking retarded it is that there is a law banning the possession of 'electric weapons.'  No wonder Wisconsin lags so far behind in the areas of Evil Genius Weapons Development and Mad Science Doomsday research. 

Seriously, two years?  What the fuck?  They deserve to get slapped for stealing the taser but not for owning it and certainly not for shooting each other with it for the world's amusement.  For that, they deserve a Moron Medal.

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