October 02, 2008

Morons of the Day: Do I have to think of everything?

So we've got several Somali pirates in control of a Ukranian cargo ship and they won't return the weapons-laden vessel (or her crew) until they receive $20,000,000. 

Am I the only person on Earth that sees how easy the solution to this is?  It reminds me of the prisoner/corpse exchange in Israel earlier this year. 

What you do is you give them the money.  Hell, give them $40,000,000 in gold bars (the reason for gold will become apparent shortly) and send them on their merry way. 

Wait until they are back in their homes and the Ukranian vessel is under control, send a dozen predator attack drones* to track the bugged money and blow them and everyone they are friends with to hell, chunky-salsa style. 

You'll be glad you used gold instead of cash at this point because it will survive the explosions and be salvagable.  That's thinking ahead.

What's so hard about this?

* - Whatever.  Cruise missiles, MOABs, acid sprays, C-130's full of human waste.  The important part is that they suffer and die.

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