June 06, 2008

Moron of the Day: Sorry, Dad!

I overlooked this the first time through the feeds today because it seemed pretty standard:

An Indian man, frustrated at failing to find employment, ordered the murder of his father...
Booooooring... or is it?
...to get his government job...
Okay, I know these cushy government jobs have greet benefits but give me a break. Maybe you murder your dad to steal his kickass Dunkin Donuts franchise (sorry, couldn't help it) but not to be the counter clerk at the DMV. That's just insane.
... a day before the victim was to retire ...

Okay, that's just fucking awesome.  You, sir, are moron of the day.  Today's parting gifts include a helmet, a bottle of Flavorite Vodka and a life-sentence supply of KY jelly. 

You'll see why.


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