October 24, 2008

Moron of the Day: A Day at the Museum

Did you know that the Field Museum in Chicago allowed after-hours private parties for college students? I didn't but I'm glad they do:

Students of Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management reportedly got drunk, vomited on the floor, spit at people, passed out and threw things at Sue herself.

"There was definitely some inappropriate behavior that occurred at the event,'' said Northwestern spokesman Al Cubbage.

In an e-mail reprimand to her fellow students, Andrea Hanson, a vice president of the Kellogg Student Association, called the Sept. 26 party "an embarrassment.''

Hanson declined to elaborate Thursday, but in the e-mail to classmates she described how drunken students -- "already too overserved" -- forced the Field Museum to shut down the open bar to try to calm the situation.

Students smuggled in alcohol -- filling trash cans with empty bottles -- and some students "passed out in high-traffic areas,'' wrote Hanson, adding that "students were throwing things at a historic artifact: Sue, the Tyrannosaurus rex, which the Field Museum purchased for over $8.3 million.''

Reportedly, they won't be allowed to return without "Breathalyzers, high security, and chaperones."

Stay classy, Kellogg School of Management!

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