September 03, 2009

Mad Maxine

Ahh, a member of DDAMADD. Drunk Drivers Against Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.
Dateline Oz:
A DRINK-driving mother who loaded her car with five youngsters - including two in the boot - and then slammed into a tree after doing burnouts has been spared jail.

Depending on the age, being tossed in the trunk and having your mom do doughnuts might have been fun.
You know, right up until you hit the tree.

I do have to wonder if they're lobbying to get disgusted Morons anxious to leave the coming nannarchy in America.

On the drink-driving charge, Ashman lost her licence for six months, and for failing to ensure two passengers were wearing seatbelts she was fined $500.

 Five bills and lose your license for 6 months for drunkenly throwing your kids in the trunk and doing doughnuts until you slammed into a tree?

If they'd let me keep my guns I'd already be there.
H/T somebody, probably Tim Blair, I emailed it to myself and forgot where I saw it.

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