December 04, 2009

Huckabee II

Joseph Cao may have an R after his name, but that's pretty much the only Republican thing about him. (NY Times link, but that's the source of the interview. Sorry.)

Did you support the bill to curry favor with your constituents? You represent a mostly black district that is among the poorest in the nation.
This is a personal position of mine. I do believe that we need health care reform. I do believe that we as a government have a duty to help those who are in need but who cannot help themselves.

So you’re saying you voted out of personal conviction, not politics?
Correct. I spent six years in the Society of Jesus, training to be a priest. I always adhere to what I call “the politics of the Gospel.” You have to take care of the poor, take care of the widows, visit the sick, help those who cannot help themselves.

Why did you become a Republican?
Because of their strong pro-life stance. That alone.
Joseph Cao was being touted as a great example of minorities being embraced by the GOP by Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) in a speech at the RNC Women's Summit last month.  This is the same gal who compared Ryan Frazier, a Navy vet who has successfully run a business, has a long history of volunteer service, and has been a successful city council member, with Obambi, because "when you close your eyes you can hear Barack Obama!!!1!!eleventyone!!"  Someone in Lummis's office needs to edumacate her about skin color and why we support the people we support.  Joseph Cao needs to be primaried out (although in Louisiana I doubt that will happen). 

Let's have some rampant speculation on what's going to happen in that seat next cycle. Given that the choice was between Cao and Cold Cash Jefferson, it's unsurprising that the RINO won - so what will we get next year?

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