August 25, 2009

Hog Whitman: Bitch

Seems we've got another Michael Barrett (with a bit of Chuck Adkins mixed in), 'cept this one has an attitude problem, or did. 

So it all starts with Demure Jen posting a rant a few days ago, okay, we all do that.  Well, some guy going by Hog Whitman at a no name site called I Am Deeply Concerned decides to copypasta her post, posts Jen's profile pic from her sidebar, and creates a "Rants by Jen" category, no permission sought, naturally.  The kicker of course is that Slobs The Hog Whitman had a disclaimer in his post declaring Jen had graciously given the twat the go-ahead to post her stuff

She hadn't of course, and Gauges Down Nightly On A Large Hog Whitman of course has a fucking attitude about it when he gets called on it.  He also seems to have a thing for calling women bitches, but we'll see soon enough who the real bitch is in this whole scenario.  Our very own Alice leaves a comment, which is of course edited, because Chokes On The Throbbing Hog Whitman edits comments like a bitch.  Sorta like DJ Drummond, who, like Whitman, likes the Hog, but in Drummond's case only if it comes from a Bush (43, to be specific). Normally, I'd shred this little bastard, particularly for editing Alice's comment, but Jen and Alice did a good enough job on their own,

What Jen and Alice's pwning of Hog Whitman may have looked like

twat pretty much scrubbed his site of everything, which takes a bunch of fun out of it for me and makes this a bit anticlimactic, so consider this an after-action report. 

Did you really think you could step to moronbloggers?  Bitch, please.

Update:  So, apparently this guy is a country singer who makes dumb "comedy" songs, and was a guest on Imus once in the 90's.  The fact that he was on Imus ought to be damning enough on its own.  That said, you'd think that a foulmouthed, ornery ol' country fella like Hog Whitman wouldn't go and scrub his site like such a bitch...

There's only one Whitman in country, motherfucker, and it ain't you,


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