June 30, 2008

Gas prices rise, hoes and pimps hardest hit

It seems that with the price of fuel going up, truckers, who make up a big chunk of Nevada's legal brothels' clientele, have less disposable income to spend on the old slap and tickle:

Nevada brothels that cater to long-haul truckers are offering gas cards and other promotions after seeing business decline as much as 25 percent from a year ago, industry officials said.

Geoffrey Arnold, president of the Nevada Brothel Owners' Association, said truckers account for up to 75 percent of business at the state's rural brothels along Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 95.
They actually have a Brothel Owners' Association? Huh. They must have interesting conventions.
He said business is down about 19 percent at his two northern Nevada brothels along I-80: Donna's Ranch in Wells and Donna's Battle Mountain Ranch.

"We're being affected by the economy like everybody else," Arnold said. "Times are tougher ... and truckers have less money to spend. They're not high-rollers anymore."
Well, that's a shame.  Especially if you're a prostitute, a brothel owner, or a trucker who enjoys the company of professional skanks.  But it turns out things aren't actually bad all over.
Of Nevada's 28 legal brothels, 16 are located in rural areas that are being hurt by truckers' higher diesel costs, Arnold said. Whorehouses closer to Reno and Las Vegas, which rely more on tourists and conventioneers, say business is up this year.
Well, good for them.  I guess.

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June 29, 2008

Some gas tax FAIL from the Bluegrass State

Let it not be said that Gov. Steve Beshear and the General Assembly don't have their fingers on the pulse of their constituents:

The hits just keep on coming: Starting July 1, Kentucky will collect another 1.5 cents tax on each gallon of gasoline, adding a bit more to prices that have held at $4 or higher in Louisville for much of the past month.

Kentucky's gas tax, which goes toward the state road fund, will increase to 21.1 cents, and the diesel tax will rise to 18.1 cents, according to Jill Midkiff, spokeswoman for the state Finance and Administration Cabinet.
But I guess I shouldn't worry about it.  Why?:
Kentucky's gas taxes -- which will total 40.9 cents after July 1, including state and federal taxes and a fee to cover cleanup of underground fuel tanks -- remain relatively low compared with other states.
Well, that makes me feel much better.  I guess I really shouldn't start complaining until the gas taxes get up to California levels, eh? 

But at least I can take some comfort in knowing that I'm not hurting caribou, polar bears, or any other retardimals live up there in there in ANWR.

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June 27, 2008

Grover, Grover, Grover...

Why? Just...why?:

Norquist dropped by The Times' Washington bureau today and, as part of his negative critique of Obama's liberal stances on economic issues and other matters, he termed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee "John Kerry with a tan."

Since Norquist isn't running for anything, he can get away with such remarks; we doubt McCain will be incorporating the line into his speeches anytime soon.

Grover goes on to say that he thinks (sigh) that Gov. Bobby Jindal would be a good choice for vice president.

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June 26, 2008

A little afternoon FAIL for you

I'm gonna go ahead and tuck this one under the fold and give you Your Official NSFW Warning.  Oh, and you might also want to swallow any liquids you currently have in your mouth before clicking...


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The best way to fight sexual assault is by not really fighting it

Of all the defenses of yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on child rapists and the death penalty, this has to be the most vile:

But the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, a nonprofit victim advocacy group representing 80 rape crisis centers, applauded the ruling.

"Most child sexual abuse victims are abused by a family member or close family friend," the group said in a statement. "The reality is that child victims and their families don't want to be responsible for sending a grandparent, cousin or long time family friend to death row."

First of all, what kind of advocacy group for victims of sexual assault is in favor of rewarding those who perpetrate sexual assaults? Did it form alongside the American Hunters and Shooters Association?

Secondly, if a "grandparent, cousin, or long time family friend" raped my child they would be lucky to make it to trial.  Any parent that would rather keep an association than seek justice for their child doesn't deserve to be a parent.

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June 25, 2008

A little followup

Remember Sean's post about the GQ article that was the victim of some seriously bad timing?  Sure enough, you can see the quote in Carson's column here.

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June 24, 2008

Intent on biting every hand that feeds it

Damn these people are stupid, no wonder nobody actually buys music anymore.  So who is the RIAA going after this time?  Why, AM/FM radio, of course!  You know, the same AM/FM radio that gives their music hours and hours of airtime of exposure and publicity every day?  Basically, because they aren't making any money from sales anymore, the recording industry wants royalties, which they've never collected from AM/FM radio to make up for it. 

In the past, the RIAA complained about it, but didn't pursue it aggressively because they were making enough from sales to be satisfied.  RIAA has successfully shaken down satellite and internet radio for big royalties, and now have bills in both the House and Senate to go after terrestrial radio. 

If the NAB is smart, they'll immediately start seeking out indie labels and working with anyone who isn't part of the RIAA, and start use their airwaves to bludgeon the dirtbags. 

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June 23, 2008


Allah has a poll, and it is a goodie.  According to the responses to this poll, 21% of Atheists responded they believed in God... 


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CDC West Nile Virus expert contracts West Nile Virus

He didn't contract the illness from his job, but at his home.  Approximately 1.5 million Americans have been infected with West Nile, and about 300,000 have had symptoms. 

Typically, symptoms include a period of fever and aching, chronic fatigue can sometimes set in for months after the initial symptoms, it can also sometimes lead to neurological diseases that can be fatal.  Mosquito repellent with DEET, and making sure that there are no places with standing water around where you live or are at are the best ways to avoid getting West Nile. 

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June 19, 2008

One or the other, fellas, take your pick

Blackwater has long been a target of leftist hatred, nearly all of it rabid conspiracy theorizing and innuendo, but there certainly questionable things Blackwater has done and have done.  This is one of those questionable things.  Basically, they had one of their planes crash, which killed three servicemen.  The widows of the three men sued Blackwater, and Blackwater is now trying to get out of it by arguing that this civil case is under the Afghan legal system, which is a shari'a type legal system.  This is the same Blackwater that has sought to hide behind the US legal system in Iraq earlier.

Check out that link for more, See-Dub has this right, Blackwater needs to choose, US legal system or the legal systems of the foreign countries they work in.  Frankly, I'd argue the government should put Blackwater at the bottom of the bid pool for things we need contractors for until they clean up their act. 

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Your Thursday afternoon dose of FAIL

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June 18, 2008

Obama plans to neglect his key constituency

Via Drudge (no link yet):

NYT THURSDAY: Obama aides increasingly limiting access for reporters; controlling settings Obama is photographed or filmed... Developing...
What the hell?  What parallel universe is this 'tard living in where he thinks he is getting such horrible press coverage that he has to limit the press?

Update:  Here is the story Drudge linked, although not from the NYT for some reason. 

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It was probably less painful than high school

Getting shot, that is:

A Philadelphia teen was rushed to the hospital after being shot just minutes after his high school graduation commencement concluded.

The shooting happened outside the Liacouras Center on the campus of Temple University in North Philadelphia at about 4:20 p.m. Tuesday. Shots rang out while family and friends were gathering to congratulate the graduates from Strawberry Mansion High School.

Police said two rival groups at the school were involved in an altercation outside when an unknown gunman fired two shots into the crowd.
Wait?  I thought that the only way young people in George W. Bush's Amerikkka got killed was by joining the military to fight in an illegal war?  Turns out they can get shot at home just as easily, so long as they're living in cities run top-to-bottom by anti-gun Democrats. 

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June 17, 2008

I would say that this is living the Ace-o'-Spades lifestyle...

...but the fact that he was actually dating this woman at some point cancels out that possibility:

An Italian man was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend from a pub, taking her home and forcing her to iron his clothes and wash the dishes, police said Monday.

The 43-year-old man dragged the woman out of a pub in the port city of Genoa, shoved her into a car and took her to his home where he made her iron and wash dishes after threatening her, they said.
The man is also said to have kidnapped his former babysitter so she could make him a sandwich for lunch (no crust, please!) and put in a video for him to watch before naptime.

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Here's some FAIL for you

Not once, four times.

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June 16, 2008

Deja DUI

Why does this story sound so very familiar?

Authorities say they arrested an upstate New York man twice in less than an hour for driving drunk. Oneida County deputies said the man was initially stopped Monday at about 1:26 a.m. near Westmoreland for moving from his lane unsafely.

After he was charged, he was released to another person. Deputies said the man's blood-alcohol level at the time was .25 percent — more than triple the state's legal limit of .08 percent.

About 30 minutes later, deputies spotted the same man's vehicle in Rome and stopped him for failing to keep right.
Oh, that's right. It's because I had a post just last week that was essentially the same story, but in a different state. Weird.

Anyway, it seems some jurisdictions are going to have to rethink their policies on releasing DUI suspects into someone else's care.

(Cross-posted at The Brea Canyon Monument.)

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June 15, 2008

An Open Letter to Mark Wahlberg

Dear Mark,

I just found out that you are the lead male actor in a film I have been anxiously awaiting for about half a decade now. It is a serious, dramatic film.

Listen, I want you to know you have been acting for so long that most of the time I don't even remember that you were once known as Marky Mark. You've proved you can act in the past, but lately...hmmm...you've been somewhat disappointing.

That leads me to my point. Please take a few acting lessons before production of this film starts. I don't want to enter the theater on October 9, 2009 and be forced to stare at someone who thinks that the lifting of an eyebrow is a substitute for a good performance.

Please don't let me down.

Thank you,

It's Vintange, Duh

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June 14, 2008

Can we go ahead and mark off JC Watts as a potential VP now?

Some conservatives (especially the radio show call-in type) have been really excited about the possibility of Sen. McCain choosing former Rep. JC Watts as his running mate. One of the many obstacles to that, in my opinion, horrible choice* for vice president has been that he has consistently said that he doesn't want it. Now we know why:

J.C. Watts, a former Oklahoma congressman who once was part of the GOP House leadership, said he’s thinking of voting for Obama. Watts said he’s still a Republican, but he criticizes his party for neglecting the black community. Black Republicans, he said, have to concede that while they might not agree with Democrats on issues, at least that party reaches out to them.

“And Obama highlights that even more,” Watts said, adding that he expects Obama to take on issues such as poverty and urban policy. “Republicans often seem indifferent to those things.”

It would be nice for McCain to have a vice president who is planning on voting for his own ticket.  I think that's a minimal requirement. 

*We already tried the "Hey, the GOP has black people, too!!1!!eleventy!!" strategy against Obama once.  How'd that turn out?

Update:  Karol at Alarming News interviewed Watts in 2004.  Let's just say his views on the GOP's outreach to minority groups is a bit more nuanced now that Barack Obama is at the top of the Democratic ticket. 

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Now that's an intro!


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June 13, 2008

NYT: If you think about it, American Christians are kinda like Josef Fritzl

You stay classy, New York Times:

It was also from The Times, from May 19, and featured 70-odd girls, of “early grade school to college” age, with their fathers, stepfathers and fathers-in-law-to-be, at the ninth annual, largely evangelical “Father-Daughter Purity Ball."


“From this, it’s only a matter of degree to the man in Austria,” I’d scribbled across the first page.

The “man in Austria,” of course, was 73-year-old Josef Fritzl, who was around that time also making headlines after it was discovered that he had kept his daughter, Elisabeth, 42, locked up in a cellar for 24 years, during which time he’d raped her regularly, and had her bear him seven children.


Fritzl, a self-described “man of decency and good values,” had imprisoned his daughter after she began staying out all night and drinking. “I had to create a place where I could keep Elisabeth by force if necessary, away from the outside world,” he confessed.

Oh, and the article starts out by comparing the practice to Muslim women getting hymen replacement surgeries across Europe.


Anyway, I'm off to visit area churches for advice.  I need to get started on my family's dungeon. 


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