August 31, 2009

Politics? There's no politics in monetary policy!

Money is the root of all evil. Or maybe it's just the shady people who control and manipulate it to the detriment of the middle-class.

I honestly can't decide which is worse. Appointing Ben Bernanke as the Federal Reserve chairman again, even though he denied there was a housing market bubble that could lead our country into a recession.  Or keeping Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary, even though he opposes political involvement in monetary policy.

So when Geithner goes to Congress encouraging those politicos to vote on having the government seize control over large insurers, banks, auto manufacturers, hedge funds, speculators, etc..., that was strictly monetary policy. Apparently it also isn't political involvement to ask our nation's taxpayers (once again via Congress) to raise the debt ceiling to cover massive bi-partisan spending failures. Nope, no politics involved in government power grabs and government spending.

Geithner is just another shady asshat. Political decisions and political purse-strings are what shape monetary policy - it isn't mutually exclusive. That is just wishful thinking on his part to dismiss the suggestion that there be an audit of the Fed.

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August 29, 2009

Coke might wanna rethink their advertising


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August 27, 2009

Has Jackie Mackey Paisley Passey found a mate?

For a few years there was a blog called "The Irate Savant". It was a masterpiece of satire.
I read it for probably 2 or 3 years without ever knowing if it was satire or serious. If you've A Confederacy of Dunces, think of it as Ignatius Reilly's blog. His commenters got into the act and the blog itself was a hoot.
After a few years, his life kicked in so he admitted it was a joke and went about his life.
So the point, is this guy for real? And if so, can a Arthur Kade/Jackey Mackey Paisley Passey union be far behind?
He's so over the top egotistically sure he's the greatest thing ever, it's funny whether it's real or not.
How funny?
Along the top is a link to The Kade Scale
He's rating women from 1-10. I have no problem with his 10s, but the rest has to be a joke. Doesn't it?
Under "8-A cute girl but not dateworthy" he lists Jennifer Connolly and Jessica Alba.
Under "7-Keep as a friend" he lists Selma Hayek and Jessica Biel.

He doesn't even keep track of 1-6.
The pics along the top are caricatures of a self-absorbed pretty boy and his current post has this
(I have to say that seeing my body on the screen, I look so much better after 1.6 weeks, and my chest was bulging nicely, my abs are showing again, and my shoulders look enormous because my workouts with my trainer have been insane,

He even has a wikipedia page where they're not sure if he's serious or a joking.
I'm not sure which way is funnier, real or satire. Pointing and laughing is good, but good satire is really good too.

His Q&A section makes it look like a joke, people put questions in the comments.
For instance, third question:
"Summer's Eve or Masengill"
Eh, real or satire, it's a funny read.

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August 26, 2009

We can trust the Federal Government to run health care efficiently

You know, because they do such a bang-up job with everything else when it comes to spending our money.


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August 25, 2009

Hog Whitman: Bitch

Seems we've got another Michael Barrett (with a bit of Chuck Adkins mixed in), 'cept this one has an attitude problem, or did. 

So it all starts with Demure Jen posting a rant a few days ago, okay, we all do that.  Well, some guy going by Hog Whitman at a no name site called I Am Deeply Concerned decides to copypasta her post, posts Jen's profile pic from her sidebar, and creates a "Rants by Jen" category, no permission sought, naturally.  The kicker of course is that Slobs The Hog Whitman had a disclaimer in his post declaring Jen had graciously given the twat the go-ahead to post her stuff

She hadn't of course, and Gauges Down Nightly On A Large Hog Whitman of course has a fucking attitude about it when he gets called on it.  He also seems to have a thing for calling women bitches, but we'll see soon enough who the real bitch is in this whole scenario.  Our very own Alice leaves a comment, which is of course edited, because Chokes On The Throbbing Hog Whitman edits comments like a bitch.  Sorta like DJ Drummond, who, like Whitman, likes the Hog, but in Drummond's case only if it comes from a Bush (43, to be specific). Normally, I'd shred this little bastard, particularly for editing Alice's comment, but Jen and Alice did a good enough job on their own,

What Jen and Alice's pwning of Hog Whitman may have looked like

twat pretty much scrubbed his site of everything, which takes a bunch of fun out of it for me and makes this a bit anticlimactic, so consider this an after-action report. 

Did you really think you could step to moronbloggers?  Bitch, please.

Update:  So, apparently this guy is a country singer who makes dumb "comedy" songs, and was a guest on Imus once in the 90's.  The fact that he was on Imus ought to be damning enough on its own.  That said, you'd think that a foulmouthed, ornery ol' country fella like Hog Whitman wouldn't go and scrub his site like such a bitch...

There's only one Whitman in country, motherfucker, and it ain't you,


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Geeks not very geeky

Via the Agitator we find this response to a guy trying to apply to the Geek Squad online.
Apparently, his browser wasn't supported by this techno-geek website
Supported Web  Browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X (with link to download V)
Netscape Navigator 7.x (with link to download V)

How do you say "Fail" in l33t speak?

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August 24, 2009

How many circles does Hell have?

Holy moley
This guy had better pray there's no God.

Remember the guy who fled to Mexico with the teenager he got pregnant?
Well, he was arrested and has been convicted of breaking into a Cathedral and stealing
  a painting of the Virgin Mary to finance an abortion for a (14 year old)teen he was accused of raping

Did he piss in the Holy Water? Jerk off on the altar? Crap in the confessional?
I'm trying to figure out how to make that worse and I just can't.

Via The Agitator

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August 22, 2009

Pants FAIL

Some fatass is gonna squeeze herself into these and the eyes are gonna be perpetually closed. Just sayin.

(via RandyHaddock)

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August 21, 2009

The not-so-friendly skies

Okay, which one of you Morons was flying from the Bay Area to Vegas yesterday?

A Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Las Vegas was turned around Thursday after a man allegedly exposed himself to his female seatmate, punched her when she screamed, then stripped off all of his clothes as flight attendants and passengers subdued him.

The man was arrested, and the woman was taken to a hospital for treatment of her injuries, said Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. J.D. Nelson. Her condition was not known.
Strangely, there's no mention of whether or not there was alcohol involved.

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That Hopenchange Kool-Aid isn't so sweet now, is it Ann?

I see this from Ann Althouse, whining about Obama framing the health care debate in religious terms as well as Our Lord and Savior's deification of government, and I just shake my head. 

This is the same person who almost a year ago admitted to sucking down a big ol' glass of Hopenchange Kool-Aid, who clearly bought into the cult of Obama, and all of the deifying propaganda surrounding the Media's Messiah.  We all fucking knew what he was, and there's no fucking way she couldn't know, all the information was there for anyone who wasn't willfully ignorant.  So now she's finally seeing what a slimy fraud the guy is? 

Heh, one of her readers asks in comments,

How the hell did this guy get elected again?


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August 18, 2009

Some non-health care random thing

Some random girly stuff (since I am a chick). So apparently there was a study that says that, yup, most women are gonna take your man.

There's an interesting bit in there about how it's possible that this is the case because there's some pre-screening going on.  Or, to put it another way, some other woman decided he's not a psycho loser so yoink.  Personally, I think it's because women are jealous and catty but that's just me.

I'm fascinated by this because pretty much my only dating rule is that I don't date married people.  And by married, I mean anyone who has a partner, official or otherwise.  Someone who is casually dating is fair game but once that crosses into boyfriend/girlfriend territory then that person's completely off limits.  This isn't really altruistic on my part.  It's the recognition that anyone who cheats with you will cheat on you.  No thanks.

And, no, I didn't link this just because there's a picture of Angie.  That's a bonus. 

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August 17, 2009

This dude needs to be a teacher

He needs to be teaching other pedophiles how to find kids, because he's so freaking awesome at it.

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August 16, 2009

Wal-Mart, joins up with SEIU-Obamabteilung, sells out America

Kim Du Toit was right, Wal-Mart is fucking rotten, find somewhere else to buy goods.  They're teaming up with Obama's brownshirts,

In a partnership of unlikely allies, Wal-Mart's CEO, other corporate leaders and the head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) called Wednesday for universal health care coverage for all Americans by 2012.

During a news conference in Washington, the group announced the formation of a coalition called "Better Health Care Together" and listed several objectives. They included achieving "quality, affordable health insurance coverage" for every American and "having businesses, governments, and individuals all contribute to managing and financing a new American health care system."

You fucking rats. 

Wal-Mart, Intel and AT&T need to pay for this betrayal.  If we let them get away with this shit, they'll sell out American principles again and again, and other corporations will follow suit.  These fuckers are pushing us closer to fascism with this behavior, and they cannot be allowed to get away with it. 

I say this every time some corporation sells out the American principles that let them succeed in the first place, but it bears repeating.  We need to take a lesson from the successful S&W boycott of the 90's.  That company was taken to the brink for their betrayal, and only a fire sale of S&W to a non-statist non-sellout allowed it to recover.  they learned their lesson. 

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August 14, 2009

I love Newt but.....

Now don't get me wrong, I love Newt (except for the fact that he and Forstchen haven't written the sequel to 1945 the way they promised) but.....
This is about stupid

I don't feel like quoting any of his laundry list of suggestions for Sarah Palin to follow to "Make a Comeback" but I would like to note one thing.

She freaking tweeted, (something that probably at least 80% of the population has either never heard of, never seen or both), and changed the national dialogue so much that it required responses from the White House, attacks from 3 broadcast and 2 cable networks and an act of fucking Congress for the Democrats to try to recover.

Somehow, I don't think she needs your advice. 

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August 13, 2009

You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough

And doggone it, you can get naked at work and jump out a fucking window:

Rebekah Lawrence, 34, completed The Turning Point, a four-day course run by People Knowhow in Cremorne, on December 18, 2005, with the aim of "resolving issues" in her life.

Two days later, the "shy, modest and gentle" PA took off her clothes in front of shocked colleagues, became abusive and aggressive and jumped to her death from the second storey window of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in Macquarie St.

Holy shit.  I wonder if Al Franken was involved.

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Nope! Nothing wrong here!

Paper ballots, dammit! Who cares if you don't know who the next president is five minutes after the polls close?

A team of computer scientists from University of California-San Diego, the University of Michigan, and Princeton University used an attack based on "return-oriented programming" to turn a Sequoia AVC Advantage e-voting machine against itself and shift votes from one candidate to another.

The attack doesn't require any new code, either: "The attacker reuses short snippets of the existing system and recombines them in such a way that the computation they perform is exactly the computation he wants to carry out," he says.

The researchers exploited a buffer-overflow vulnerability in the Sequoia voting machine, which has built-in defenses against code injection into its RAM. "This is exactly the defense that our use of return-oriented programming defeats," Schacham says.

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August 12, 2009

PSA on Political Byline

So, I was hitting all my daily reads, went to Say Uncle and Snowflakes in Hell for my daily news in the world of firearms and gun rights, and I see this post at Say Uncle, where his attempt to visit a story linked by Instapundit was greeted with this oddball message,

You have been Banned from viewing this Blog.
There are most likely two reasons for this.
1. You were abusive or a troll in the comments section
2. You are from a Forum that I do not want viewing my Blog
3. You are in the countries of Russia, Iran or People’s Republic of China

If you feel this was a mistake contact me at tpblogeditor at gmail dot com.
If you are from the Country of Russia, People’s Republic of China Tell your leaders to embrace true freedom and not political oppression and I might let you back in.
Political Byline dot com

Political Byline? Paleo Pat?  Insty?

And Insty isn't the first to be buffaloed by this cretin, and he probably won't be the last, unfortunately.  But if he's getting linked by Insty, he's fooling too many people, which means he's got to be dealt with.  So who is Paleo Pat (or Patrick), and why is he so reprehensible?  Well, it's a long story, so let's begin. 

Paleo Pat wasn't always Paleo Pat (or Patrick).  There was a time where he went by the name Chuck Adkins, where he ran a site called The Populist Blog.  Chuck likes to lash out at people in nasty ways, sometimes with no provocation.  Chuck decided at one point to post the address, phone number and satellite photo of Michelle Malkin's home, you can see screencaps here.  During this time, Chuck threatened to put a hit on a conservative blogger, he was confronted on his behavior by the blogger he threatened, and then went on hiatus

Okay, so Chuck Adkins disappeared, right?  Not so much.  Few months later he comes back, and starts in with his psychotic behavior again, only this time, he sinks to an even new low.  Undoubtedly a good number of you read Cold Fury and know Mike Hendrix.  Mike is a damned good guy, and of course the rest of the crew over there are too.  I'm sure many of you remember when Mike lost his wife Christiana in a motorcycle accident in 2007.  Chuck remembered too, and had the following to say when he got into an argument with one of Mike's co-bloggers,

This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.

Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.

I wish I had screencaps, but alas I don't.  Then when Mike had the audacity to say something about it, Chuck had the following response,

Yeah, I took it off, I wouldn’t want little cry baby azzhat Mikey to cry himself silly, the bitch. Mother fucker lets his Co-Bloggers talk shit about other Blogs, But then WHINES when someone writes a little snark back. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cry baby assed bitch.

This whole incident is where most people were introduced to Chuck Adkins and remember him by.  The little monster was being chased down by a large angry intarwebs mob, and as a result deep sixed The Populist Blog and disappeared.

However, as you may have figured out already, Chuck Adkins always returns, he's kinda Jason Voorhees, always back for another sequel, which is always shittier and more pathetic than the last.  So, you ask, how is it we know that Chuck Adkins is Paleo Pat?  Easy enough, here you go, as you can see, he commented at PW as Chuck Adkins, with Political Byline as his URL.  So that puts him in a transitional phase, where he's got his new site, but not the Paleo Pat moniker.  And actually, there's this too, his Technorati profile as The Populist, with Chuck Adkins in parenthesis, and his Political Byline site linked.  And there's something else, here's a comment by Chuck at The Next Right, where he notes he has a site called the American Nationalist News Service.  Wanna guess what he means by Nationalist?  Oh yeah, he means that.  I'm kicking myself for not screencapping the hell out of that site, but I had no desire to get in that sewer.  Unfortunately, he since deep sixed that site too, and can't find a cache of it (if you do or have sreencaps, please drop a link in comments).  I did however find a link to a post referenced in Google Reader, remember seeing that post in Google Reader when checking on Chuck's site a while back, and can assure you, it wasn't David Dinkins he was saying should be a Senator.  I'll also take this time to note this run-in he had with Bob Parks.

Some of you Twitter junkies may also remember him for his anti-Semitic tirades and using racial slurs (of course some of them were directed at Malkin), and that he deleted one of his profiles because he was catching too much heat for it.  Again, wish I had screencaps or caches, if you've got 'em, feel free to leave a comment.

We here at doubleplusundead would like to close this out by saying this,

Chuck, you have a long history of shady behavior toward conservative bloggers, including making death threats and gross invasions of privacy.  It won't be tolerated here.  There are plenty of conservative bloggers with law degrees hanging around that undoubtedly would gleefully assist us in making sure you'd suffer the maximum penalty for whatever jackass sociopathic thing you did, both in criminal and civil courts, capiche?

Also, rambunctious milk-zeppelins.

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From the too stupid to live files - What was this guy thinking?

WETUMPKA -- A 21-year-old man, who told Montgomery police during a job interview that he possessed child pornography and had sex with an underage girl, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.


There was no explanation why Hinton mentioned the pornography in his job interview, which prompted an investigation and his arrest.

Leaving aside the fact that he is a sick fuck for having kiddie porn in the first place - what in the world would cause him to bring it up in a job interview? With the cops no less!

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WTF Is Wrong With Wisconsin

Turns out, quite a bit:

A 13-year-old Milwaukee girl accused of fatally stabbing her step-grandfather because he poured her milk down a drain is being held on $150,000 cash bond.

I saw that on TV the other day but didn't have a link or the time to post it. Apparently, she just fucking stabbed him in the neck like a terminator. Fucking scary.

In slightly less horrific Wisconsin news, we're apparently not making any friends in Austria:

An Austrian woman on vacation in Wisconsin is getting rabies shots after she said she was bitten by otters while swimming in a lake. Brigitte France, 51, told the Duluth News Tribune that she was swimming on Lake Owen near Drummond last Wednesday when three otters suddenly appeared.

DUN DUN DUN!!!! Is it just me or does "three otters suddenly appeared" pretty much bottom out your list of terrifying things?

Update: It appears I can't tell the difference between Austria and Australia. Just another fine example of our layers and layers of fact-checking.

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Life is tough all over

Boy, you know the economy isn't doing well when experienced professionals like this are having trouble finding work:

Less than two years ago, Stern earned close to $150,000 annually, sometimes turned down work and drove a Mercedes-Benz CLK 350. Now she's aggressively reaching out for jobs and making closer to $50,000 a year.

As for that Mercedes? She's replacing it with a used Chevy Trailblazer -- from her parents.

"The opportunities in this industry really are disappearing," Stern said. "It's extremely stressful."
Granted, it sucks (heh) to take a 66% pay cut, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who's still making fifty large with her, um, "skill set."

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