August 11, 2009

In case you were wondering...

GM's 230 MPG claim is total bullshit. 

Forget for the fact that the whole terminology is meaningless, as the vehicle only burns liquid fuel for a portion of its energy needs, so “miles per gallon” is an odd concept.  But one could imagine that one could look at the miles per electrical charge, and then look at the equivalent gallons of gasoline-equivalent BTU’s it took to deliver that electricity, and create an equivalent MPG.  In fact, that’s the only approach that makes any sense to me.

If so, these numbers imply that it is 10x more efficient to burn hydrocarbons in a large utility plant boiler or gas turbine, convert the combustion energy to electricity, transmit that electricity hundreds of miles, charge up a set of car batteries, and then drive an electric traction motor from the batteries than it is to burn hydrocarbons directly in an internal combustion engine in the vehicle.

If this is really the case, then I have been selling electric cars short and we will all soon be buying them (I prefer the performance of an electric engine so this kind of fuel savings is just icing on the cake).  However, I have my doubts.  While certainly a large power station is much more efficient in using all the BTU’s in a fuel than is an internal combustion engine, when one considers losses in the electrical generation and line losses, I find it very very hard to believe the difference is 10x.

But I am sure there is no conflict of interest here, and that it is pure coincidence that GM is owned by the same people who created the new methodology and did the testing, and given that the new methodology was created by the same people who have been pushing electric cars as a policy alternative.

Fucking self-fellating dipshits.  If the media wasn't on their side they'd have been ridden out on a rail by now.

P.S.:  I'm now officially the night blogger since it is the only time of day I can get any posts in.  If I try to blog from work I end up losing posts and then, as was mentioned earlier, I have to go on a three day bender. 

Also, time for some more Ask A Moron questions.  This time it should be opened up to all the bloggers since we share the title.  I'll post the e-mail in a minute.

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August 09, 2009

It's true, I just paid to see G.I. Joe in the theater.

It truly is a movie for "an Obama world": horrible, and often unintentionally funny. 

(There were good parts, though.)

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August 08, 2009

Greatest Healthcare System In The World

Michael Moore said so.  Too bad it seems wards of that police state won't be able to wipe their asses in a few weeks:

Cuba, in the grip of a serious economic crisis, is running short of toilet paper and may not get sufficient supplies until the end of the year, officials with state-run companies said on Friday.

Officials said they were lowering the prices of 24 basic goods to help Cubans get through the difficulties provoked in part by the global financial crisis and three destructive hurricanes that struck the island last year.

Cuba's financial reserves have been depleted by increased spending for imports and reduced export income, which has forced the communist-led government to take extraordinary measures to keep the economy afloat.

"The corporation has taken all the steps so that at the end of the year there will be an important importation of toilet paper," an official with state conglomerate Cimex said on state-run Radio Rebelde.

Man, these command economies sound AWESOME.  Where do I sign my shitty ass up?

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August 07, 2009

Do Not - I say again - Do Not! See GI Joe!!

OK it has it's pluses.  Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols mainly but some of the CGI is ok too.  That's it.

Minuses -

1.  The story line is stupid.  I mean yeah it's based off a comic book but it's even beyond comic book stupid.

2.  The acting is horrible.  Make my eyes bleed horrible.  Make my anus bleed horrible.  Let me replicate it in writing for you.

"Ha Ha stupid Joes we have stolen the super weapons"

in a flat monotone voice "Oh....  No.... They have stolen the super weapons. We... must... stop... them."

another GI Joe also completely lacking in inflection "Yes... we... must.  but how."

imagine that for 118 painful minutes.  

3.  The American military is painted as a bunch of incompetents.  Tactics apparently consist of hollering a lot and standing around waiting to be killed. Plus, apparently the way to clear a building is to send in an unarmed doctor (a key plot point by the way) and tell him he has 4 minutes because you have already called in an airstrike and it will be there in 5 minutes.

3a.  The costume people don't even care enough to get uniforms correct.  One of the characters is repeatedly referred to as Captain but he is wearing Majors insignia.  Another is also referred to as Captain and is wearing Master Sergeant stripes.  

4.  Not enough Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols.

Overall I give it a 1 out of 5.

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Just In Case You Missed It

The Senator presiding over the Sotomayor vote? 

Al Fucking Franken.

Our enduring national nightmare continues.

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August 04, 2009

Boy am I glad we are following the British and Canadian lead on health care

The Telegraph - Patients forced to live in agony after NHS refuses to pay for painkilling injections -

The Government's drug rationing watchdog says "therapeutic" injections of steroids, such as cortisone, which are used to reduce inflammation, should no longer be offered to patients suffering from persistent lower back pain when the cause is not known.


Specialists fear tens of thousands of people, mainly the elderly and frail, will be left to suffer excruciating levels of pain or pay as much as £500 each for private treatment.

The NHS currently issues more than 60,000 treatments of steroid injections every year. NICE said in its guidance it wants to cut this to just 3,000 treatments a year, a move which would save the NHS £33 million.

And just think pretty soon the U.S. will have it's own medical guidance board. Whoopee!!!

I still maintain that this entire evolution on health care is really a stealth effort at entitlement reform. With a projected short fall of 13.6 Trillion dollars Social Security has the potential to break the treasury, but if we downsize the burden by denying old people care so they die faster and make other people so miserable that they opt for physician assisted suicide then we can go a long way to cleaning that up.

Added bonus- with the food shortages that Glenn Beck assures me are coming due to Obama's stupid economic policies there will be lots of raw material for Soylent Grey. Soylent Grey is Old people!!!

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August 03, 2009

Sienna Miller needs to strap on her Baroness gear and kick somebody's ass

I removed a rant against the software after reading Alice's comment.  It's not my blog and it's free so who am I to complain.  I just won't try and post pictures anymore.

Now back to Sienna Miller - she seriously needs to track down and hurt the people who designed and approved the Baroness DeCobray action figure the was just released in conjunction with G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra.  It makes her look like Karl Malden with boobs and a bad wig.  Ugliest Shemale evah!

(doubleplusundead)  Here be the action figure in question,


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Stand by your man

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, whose chapter president notes that they were "the only organization that took a stand with him" (and, gee, I wonder why, say, the ASPCA didn't join them?) is hosting a Michael Vick Community Celebration next weekend in Newport News, VA.

The celebration, which is free and open to the public, will include free food, a children's fashion show, face painting, moonwalk, DJ, music and family entertainment.
There's no word as to whether or not the event will also include a dog show, but I'm guessing that's more than a little unlikely.

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August 02, 2009

Demolishun: Ur doin' it rong

Even FAIL doesn't quite capture what happened here in Turkey...

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