June 02, 2008

Best Named Awful Video Games

I've been holding onto this for a rainy day. I present to you, ten video games with the most bizarre fucking names you've ever heard:

The Simple 2000 series of budget games had a pretty dull start. It began with generic games with names like "The Cameraman," "The Tennis," "The Dungeon RPG," and "The License Acquisition Simulation -Version for Revised Road Traffic Laws." Eventually they apparently tapped every conceivable dull title possible. Then they started getting weird. Later titles included "The Large Beautiful Woman," which featured a giant woman in a bikini destroying a city, and "The Love Horror Adventure: Drifting Girl," which was about my last relationship. Volume 95 in English, in case you were wondering why such a stupid title took #1, is "Zombies Against Ambulances."

 Zombies. Against. Ambulances.
My favorite game name is actually "Irritating Stick" but the description of the Simple2000 series of games leaves little to be desired. For fuck sake, I honestly want "The Large Beautiful Woman."

 Rampage has nothing on that!

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