November 07, 2009

Yuppie douchebags want to silence the guns of Old Ironsides

I'm growing damned tired of suburbanites and yuppies setting up developments and then trying to use their money and political power to muscle locals around.  Now we have a bunch of yuppie shitbags who are griping about the flag ceremony performed by the USS Constitution. 

How douchebaggy?

Miffed residents of a posh condo complex have invited the commanding officer of the USS Constitution over for a glass of wine so he can hear for himself that the frigate’s twice-daily cannon blasts - a tradition dating to 1798 - are “more disruptive to the neighborhood than you might have imagined.”

“Over the summer, we have entertained several times, and we have had guests sit up in shock when the cannon goes off,” the resident wrote. “It has also awakened them at 8 a.m. while they are vacationing and then blasted them again at sunset.”

This douchebaggy.  Did you think of warning your guests, dipshit?

They're demanding that there be less firings, and with a lower powder charge.  The commander of the USS Constitution,

Cooper, a 39-year-old Marshfield native, said he was surprised by the complaint, but he wants to work with the residents. “We’re hoping to find a way where we can be good neighbors and maintain the tradition,” he said.

You know what, I have a better idea, how about the next time a yuppie douche complains, his condo gets a fucking broadside?  Dickhead, you fucking moved to the port, you knew Our ship was there, you know what Our ship means to Our nation, you know they fire the cannons for the flag ceremony, and yet you move there, and demand what was there before you to change to your whim.  Fuck you, sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, or move the fuck away from our fucking boat, you spoiled selfish yuppie piece of fucking trash.

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