July 22, 2008

Your Laura Ingraham OUTRAGE!tm of the Day

I have a very boring job at the moment, but it's a job that allows me to listen to about 9.5 hours of talk radio everyday. I usually wouldn't subject myself to this, but I've decided to spend .5 of those hours listening to Laura Ingraham and present to you the most ridiculous thing she says during that 30 minute period.

Today's OUTRAGE of the day has to do with the new ad from John McCain's campaign, entitled "Pump."

What about this ad upset her so much? It's not what you think. The answer lies below the fold.

No, it wasn't that he didn't mention ANWR.

It wasn't that he failed to mention that Congressional Dems were looking at a gas tax hike. 

What was it?  The gas pump in the commercial was too old.  That gas pump distracts from the message and only serves to remind us that McCain is old.  And out of touch.  And probably hasn't been to a gas station since the 50's.

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