October 29, 2009

You know why people hate lawyers?

Louisville Slugger was successfully sued for close to $900K by the family of a youth league pitcher who was killed by a hit ball*, because,

...Louisville Slugger is liable for failing to warn about the dangers of using aluminum bats, and that the failure to warn played a part in the accident that caused the death of Brandon Patch.

Uh...what?  The eight million release forms that the league makes you sign warning both parent or guardian and child that sports are risky, and injury or even death can occur isn't sufficient?  So now what, we have to tack warning labels on all sporting equipment too?  And what is particularly dangerous about aluminum bats over other types?  There isn't, and if memory serves me correctly, the reason that youth leagues and softball use aluminum is because of the dangers of wood bats shattering and throwing splinters everywhere.

Naturally, the jury stated that there was nothing defective with the bat, but because it wasn't plastered with eight million fucking warning labels, Louisville Slugger gets hosed. Seriously getting fucking tired of this, you can't do anything or buy anything without eight million fucking warning labels and release forms.  For the record, I'm as disgusted by the drooling fucktards in the jury as I am the ambulance chasers, they should all be put in stocks and pelted with rotten eggs and produce for this nonsense. 

Eventually people will pretty much have nothing to do but sit inside and play video games, surf the intarwebs and watch TV...until some ambulance chaser successfully sues entertainment producers and ISPs for a fortune because someone has a heart attack or suffers deep vein thrombosis or some shit from sitting in one place all fucking day.

*Yes, I feel horrible for the family, it sucks, but the idea that they didn't know that this was part of the risk in playing baseball, especially for a pitcher, is asinine.  My cousin was an accomplished softball pitcher (not a lesbian, FYI), I can guarandamntee she knew what the risks were, as did my aunt and uncle.

**Also, yes, I know, not all lawyers are evil, and there are times where someone has been wronged, and lawsuits are legitimate.  This however, is not one of those times, but the neverending stream of suits like this make people look down on the legal profession.

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